Guatemala City

Cathedral in Guatemala City

Travel to Guatemala City - Colonial towns meet Mayan culture

Exploring Guatemala is a must for backpackers! The ancient Mayan culture, charming colonial towns and impressive scenery makes the country a very fascinating destination. Book your trip to Guatemala City with KILROY!

Guatemala City lies in a valley and consists of several historical and architecturally interesting buildings. The city has over 3 million residents, and continues to grow steadily. The different areas and streets are easy to navigate in and offer a variety of hotels, galleries, museums, bars, restaurants and shops as well as various cultural activities.

In the downtown center you can still see some old ruins of the ancient Mayan city Kaminaljuyu. Some of the ruins have fallen victim to highways and shopping centers, but the quiet downtown area of ​​Kaminaljuyu is a protected park today.

Zone One in the heart of Guatemala City is considered the historic center. Here you find the Metropolitan Cathedral, Presidential House, National Palace, National Library and Central Park. Zone Ten, also called Zone Via, is the place for entertainment and pop culture. There are also the financial district as well as most embassies here. The range of restaurants, hotels and nightclubs in Guatemala City is great!

Guatemala City Central Post Office

Transport in Guatemala City

There is no particularly effective means of transport for local traffic in Guatemala City, although they have recently introduced a system where buses operate in separate parts on the roads, which have improved the situation slightly. Generally, people never walk, instead they always take a taxi or bus. There are two types of taxis, where those with a meter must be booked in advance - but are safer than those hailed on the street. Depending on your bargaining skills you can even get a cheaper deal than in the unregistered taxis.

From the airport it is easy to reach the city by taxi and they operate with fixed prices. There are minibuses going to Antigua several times a day and it costs around 8-12 USD per person. The comfort level as well as the safety is always best on first class tickets. Buses run frequently to all the country's major cities as well as neighboring countries, and prices are relatively low.

Safety in Guatemala City

Beware of the city's dangerous zones, and remember that the city generally has a bad reputation when it comes to safety. This means that you should be cautious in the evenings (and preferably avoid being out at night). If you use local buses be aware that most of the highway robberies take place in these.

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