Utila & Roatan

Swim with dolphins in Utila and Roatan

Travel to Utila & Roatan - Tropical paradise

If you're looking for a perfect Caribbean tropical paradise, look no further! The Honduran islands of Utila and Roatan are located in the crystal clear Caribbean Sea surrounded by the world's second largest coral reef, The Belize Barrier Reef, and hold the entire exotic package: diving adventure, palm beaches, heavenly fruit juices - and drinks, as well as both partying and total relaxation.

Utila and Roatan - Honduras' main attraction

The beautiful islands of Utila and Roatan are easily the biggest attractions in Honduras. The atmosphere is peaceful (at least on Utila) but also well developed in terms of facilities and opportunities for travelers. Especially for divers - diving is in fact the main reason that people visit these islands, and it is both easy and inexpensive to arrange diving trips here. Snorkeling is obviously also incredible, but if you are not into diving or snorkeling, your should bring some good books, as there is nothing else to do than lie in a hammock under the palm trees and just enjoy life. When you occasionally look up from your book, the view is unbelievable. Of course you can also enjoy a cold version of the local beer Salva Vida or why not a mouthwatering and freshly squeezed mango juice? To get to the islands, take a boat from La Ceiba on the mainland - the trip takes about 2 hours and costs next to nothing.


Roatan Island

Roatan is the most touristic and lively of the two islands. Even though there is only one main street, you can always find a party here. The main strip offers also offer excellent restaurants and shops.

It may be a good idea to book accommodation before arriving in Roatan, as it is a popular island and there are not too many cheap hostels to choose from. On the other hand, the island is one of the cheapest places in the world for diving. And the benefits do not stop there: the visibility is many places as high as 25 meters and in the world's second largest coral reef you will see lots of colorful fish, amazing soft corals, stingrays and much more. If you like a chilling adventure you can try shark cage diving where you will be lowered into the sea in a cage and behind bars you can experience the wild and deeply fascinating sharks up close.

Utila island

Utila is more peaceful and relaxed than Roatan. Here's a little more room for the individual experiences, and divers and beach bums can really enjoy life. Here are also a few bars; try for example the unique and incredible The Treetanic Bar, decorated in a very unique way.


Utila is also a diving paradise, and we recommend that you buy a package with accommodation and diving course or diving trips already upon arrival to the island. In this way, you can save a lot of money. Some of the island's hostels are located right on the water so you really feel like you are in paradise. The chances of spotting whale sharks are higher by Utila and you should also try diving by the wreck at Halley Burton. There are also opportunities for night diving, where the colors are very different and you see lobsters and other interesting animals, that don't appear during the day.

KILROY's best travel tips to Utila and Roatan

Remember a flashlight since the electricity in the islands can be a little unreliable and because it gets dark early. We are in the middle of the tropics and very close to the equator. And otherwise remember to give yourself enough time to enjoy these lovely islands.

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