Panama City

Panama City only has 1 mill habitants, but is still a major metropolis

Travel to Panama City - the city by the canal

On your journey through Central America, you have to go to legendary Panama Canal and Panama City! Here you'll find a superb blend of history, nature, nightclubs and shopping - in addition to the main attraction; the Panama Canal. Panama City is one of the better stops you can do in the region. Book your trip to Panama City with KILROY!

The metropolis Panama City is one of Central America's most interesting cities, and you will find action going on here! The city was founded in 1519, and will give you a modern metropolitan feel with its urban landscape shaped by skyscrapers. The Panama Canal was initially controversial, but it has brought infrastructure and prosperity to the city - and is still important to the economy as well as being the city's number one tourist attraction.

Panama City is very international. As you walk around the streets, you will encounter people from Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Food and architecture

It becomes clear that many different nationalities live here, when going to a restaurant. You can get exquisite Japanese, Mexican and Panamanian dinners. The selection of good restaurants and trendy clubs is wide, but we also recommend that you go to a salsa party in Calle Uruguay before leaving, so you can get a feel of the latino culture from top to toe!

Beside the cool bars and a vibrant nightlife in Calle Uruguay, you should also add a visit to the historic area, Casco Viejo. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is filled with colonial style buildings and charming, little squares. Casco Viejo has recently been undergoing renovation, so you will see a good architecturally blend between old and modern.

Attractions in Panama City

Don't miss a visit to the Cathedral on Plaza de la Cathedral, Teatro Nacional, Presidential Palace, National Institute of Culture Building and besides,  all the good restaurants located here (near the French Embassy).

Nature attractions

Because the city lies between the Pacific and rainforests, you only need to walk about 20 minutes from downtown area before arriving at the Parque Natural Metropolitano extending along the canal. You may even spot some wildlife like pumas, tapirs and alligators!

If you are interested in life under the sea, the Centro de Exhibicion Marinas is a place for you. This is a research center for ecology and tropical marine life, and it's located at the Pacific entrance to the canal.

Transport in Panama City

Panama City has a well-functioning network of local buses, called ÿdiablos rojosÿ. The buses are usually painted in bright colors, so you'll easily spot them. From Panama City you can take a train to Colón (daily departures), which is a great trip. International flights depart from Tocumen International Airport, while local flights depart from Albrook Airport. You can fly directly from Panama City to e.g. New York or Las Vegas.

KILROY's best travel tips

Although the city has a relatively safe reputation we still recommend taking taxis after sunset, and beware of pickpockets while you're out sightseeing. There is a rather large poor area near the Casco Viejo where it is not advised to look like a tourist.

From Panama City it is easy to travel on to Costa Rica or other destinations in Central America. Don't hesitate to ask KILROY for tips and advice when planning your trip!

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