The Alps in Austria can be amazingly green.

Traveling in Europe - Closer to home

Europe is a continent that never really goes out of fashion. Even though it feels very familiar in many ways, it still has plenty to offer especially as the borders of the EU continue to grow and develop. Trekking in the Scottish highlands? Sunbathing in Sicily? Sightseeing in Paris? Maybe even a train journey through Eastern Europe. Travel around Europe with KILROY!

Our European favourites:

Europe is so full of cultural attractions and charming cities that huge numbers of travellers from around the world are attracted here every year. For European backpackers this exciting continent is in our own "back garden" and makes it the perfect destination either for a short trip such as a beach holiday or city break or for an extended trip with a backpack. As a continent it also has the clear advantage that many things and places feel similar to home…. and then again!

Alternative Eastern Europe

If one takes a trip to Eastern Europe, it's almost guaranteed that you'll meet loads of people and visit places, which are totally different from the Europe that first springs to mind. An area that is both exciting and beautiful whether it is one of the old cities of the Baltic, or the archipelagos in the Croatian Adriatic. Travel to this exciting out-of-the-way corner of Europe with KILROY!

Double decker in London

Cities and beaches in Europe

Europe is synonymous with both large cities and fantastic beaches. London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Prague, Moscow, and Vienna are of course the most obvious among the many exciting cities the continent can offer. If you get tired of city life then there are the beautiful beaches of Italy's Amalfi coast, the French Riviera, the Balearic Islands of Spain, or the heavenly beaches of Greece and Cyprus.

Alternative attractions in Europe

The beaches and cities are just some of the more obvious attractions that Europe has to offer. If you are looking for something completely different then there is always the midnight sun in northern Norway, hiking in the Austrian Alps, wine tasting in France, or exploring the Pilgrims Walk in Spain? No, then how about the volcanoes and hot springs in Iceland or the October Fest in Munich? Let us not forget the fantastic skiing and culinary experiences that Europe has to offer. Europe is without a doubt a very diverse continent!

Accommodation and transport in Europe

KILROY can guide you to the cheapest and best hostels and hotels in Europe. We can give you the chance to stay where there are lots of other backpackers and meet travel companions from around the World whether you are staying in Amsterdam or Warsaw. As with anywhere it is always a good idea to book accommodation for the first couple of nights before you leave home so you avoid the hassle and stress of finding good accommodation after a long and tiring journey.

We also offer cheap flights, of course, to the entire continent. A possibly more interesting and exciting way of getting around though is with an Inter Rail pass - a form of transport that is more popular today than ever before. We can offer a range of rail passes varying in both size and duration: from the largest that covers 30 countries to the smallest that covers a single country. Inter Rail gives you the opportunity to visit more countries and cities and meet more people en route than flying ever could.

Education and study tours in Europe

Did you know that KILROY can also help organise your study tour in Europe? Read on to learn more about how we can plan your study trip with the right academic content and interesting study visits in the city of your choice.