The architecture in Vienna is magnificent

Travel to Vienna - Culture, class and cakes

The Austrian capital, Vienna, is a great experience for people who love history, cultural sights, magnificent architecture, museums and the most delicious pastries and chocolates.

Vienna is located on the River Danube, which divides the city in two. The city is Austria's cultural, economic and political center, full of cultural events and magnificent architecture. The architecture has a particular imprint of a distinguished Baroque style giving Vienna a unique expression. The city's many museums, parks, gardens and art galleries adds further refinement to the grand feeling of the city. The city's historic and well-maintained center was recently added to UNESCO's list of world heritage.

Great art and Sunday mass

It is in the Innere Stadt (inner city), you find the most interesting sights, historic streets, etc. There you will find the magnificent cathedral Gothic St. Stephen's Cathedral, the huge Hofburg Imperial Palace and the excellent Albertina Museum, which holds more than 1 million different paintings by artists such as Rembrandt, da Vinci and Picasso, among many others. Visit the Leopold Museum, where you are guaranteed to learn something new about music in a surprising and fun way.

Vienna Austria Schoenbrunn Palace Main Building

The churches are also one of Vienna's big pluses. There are many of them, and one surpassing the other in beauty. We recommend the Gothic Augustinkirche in the district Hofburg from the 14th century, where Sunday Mass attracts a large crowd - the choir is really beautiful. Other highlights in Vienna is the beautiful castle Schönbrun and an evening in one of the city's stylish operas. Here you can from time to time and listen to classical music of one of Austria's and the world's most famous composer, Mozart.

Sightseeing the easy way

If you haven't got much time, but still would like to see most of Vienna, we can recommend the trips organized by City Rama. They arrange trips anywhere from a few hours to a full day which takes you around to see the sights of Vienna.

The cuisine in Vienna

You will find most restaurants, bars and hotels in Innere Stadt. Do not leave Vienna without tasting one of the often underrated wienerschnitzles - they are excellent here. Generally, there is a good tradition to spend time and enjoy life in bars and cafes, whether it be wine, beer or just a cup of coffee. And having said coffee, we must also say cakes, desserts and world class chocolate! Yes, Vienna is a paradise for anyone with a sweet tooth.

There are also an excellent nightlife in Vienna with plenty of good venues and nightclubs including electronic music and other nightlife temptations.

River Danube in Vienna

The river flows through the city, and you can swim, sail, windsurf and water ski here. There are also good opportunities for cycling around the river or to stroll around the nearby Wienerwald hills.

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