One of Belgiums many canals.

Travels to Belgium

If you travel to Belgium you will enter a small country with a very international flavor. You must prepare yourself on hearing and maybe speaking several different languages when you travel around in the country. This is partly because that the country - except for a strip of coastline - is surrounded by Holland, Germany, Luxembourg and France. But it is also due to the fact that you can find the EU's headquarters, located in the city of Brussels.

There are certain things Belgians really know their way around. Brewing is one of them. The small country probably has the world's most sophisticated beer culture. You can find about 50 breweries, which produce all kinds of beers with a great international impact. Thinking about travel to Belgium, you must treat yourself with a mug of frothy Augustjin, Bornem or Gulden Draak on the trip. If you love fruits, you should try an exciting beer with strawberries, cherries or bananas.

Fine restaurants

Belgium people are also renowned for their cuisine, which among other things is influenced by French and German trends. You can find several good restaurants and the country is listed with many eating places in the prestigious Michelin guide. Several of them have Michelin stars, which is equivalent to a Nobel Prize in the restaurant world. But you don't have to worry about money, there are also plenty of cheaper ways to get acquainted with the Belgian cuisine.

Impressive chocolate shops

In Belgium, there are several interesting towns, each with its special atmosphere. Capital Brussels offers among other interesting architecture and fabulous cafes and restaurants. There are great shopping opportunities and if you have a sweet tooth, you don´t want to miss out in spending a bit of money in the impressive chocolate shops.

Hip Antwerpen

The second largest city in Belgium is Antwerpen - known to be one of the places, where it all happens. Here you can find plenty of interesting galleries and designer shops, fine restaurants, hip bars and a vivid club scene providing great opportunities of partying. You can get around in town by tram, horse, boat, bike, bus and by food.

Medieval Bruges - Venice of the North

If medieval culture have your interest, you must visit the city of Bruges, also called Venice of the North. The city has many charming streets and canals and you can find lots of beautiful facades from the late middle Ages. If you like adventure then try a trip over the rooftops of Bruges by balloon or a small cruise on the canals by boat?  

Wooded hills and flat fields

The nature in Belgium is very beautiful and varied, which allows several different experiences. If you like challenges you can go trekking in the many forested mountains and valleys, located in the Ardennes. It is also in the Ardennes, you can find the Han caves - some of the world's largest stalactite caves. If you are planning a bike ride around Belgium, try a trip on the large flat areas along the fields of Limburg and continue driving along the Meuse River to the east. This is a very beautiful and bike-friendly area that even offers you the opportunity to catch your own fish or take a trip by canoe or kayak if you need a break from your bike.

Education and study tours to Belgium

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