The Charles Bridge in Prague is very beautiful

Travel to Prague - Europe's finest

Prague is one of Europe's most popular cities, and there is a good reason why! The city is incredibly cozy and beautiful with Medieval and well-preserved buildings alongside breweries, impressive churches and festive jazz clubs. Yes, Prague is very fascinating. Book your trip to Prague with KILROY!

Among Europe's finest

Prague has 2 million inhabitants and is the country's political, cultural and economic center and is in fact Europe's sixth most visited city, surpassed only by Paris, Rome, London, Madrid and Berlin. Despite its popularity, prices are lower in Prague than in most other major cities. In addition, Prague's historic district stands out as something special. Here you will find outstanding UNESCO-protected buildings; particularly Prague Castle, which is considered to be the world's largest palace.

The old town

Prague's Old Town, the Stare Mesto, with its cobblestone streets is a nice place, whether you are on a romantic weekend, a shopping spree or prefer to be seduced by its historic charm. Stare Mesto comes to life after dark. Then, street artists, musicians and merchants appear with everything they have and put a special touch on the life of these charming streets. It is also here that you find most restaurants, good cafes and souvenir shops. 

Prague Czech Republic Old Town Clock Tower

By the river Vltava

The beautiful, 500 meter long Charles Bridge run across the river Vltava. There is plenty of life on the bridge during the day with lots of street performers and tourists. You can also sail on the river on jazz boats, or you can go kayaking - Vltava is the Czech Republic's longest river.

Part of the city, Malá Strana, is on one side of the Vltava, and has Prague's oldest Baroque buildings. Here you might want to walk around in the cozy streets of this historic district and soak the Medieval atmosphere.

Go sightseeing in Prague - and get a beer

Most of Prague's attractions are in the Old Town. Visit Old Town City Hall, the old synagogue from 1270, and the interesting Jewish cemetery from the 15th century. There are also plenty of churches, cathedrals and museums that also deserve a closer look.

Czech Republic and Prague has a long and strong beer tradition and the beer here is certainly among the best in the world. Among the most famous and best is the Pilsner Urquell and Budvar (the original version of the American Budweiser). These excellent beers should be tasted in the right environment, namely in pubs, also known as 'hospodas' here. Beer is like most other places a great social instrument and you will soon experience the Czechs relaxed and informal approach to life - and probably be invited home for a party somewhere in a private home.

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