The London Bridge, London

Travel to England - Europe's crown jewel!

You can't visit England without having the warmth and hospitality of the country rubbing off on you! Here the nature and the villages are as idyllic as the cities are rich in charm, pubs and diversity. Book your trip to England with KILROY and you get the best prices and experiences!

London, the capital of England, remains the ultimate destination when visiting England. It is usually the starting point for many travellers, due to the international airports surrounding the city, and the city offers a number of famous sights: London Tower, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Kensington Palace and Kensington Gardens. Madame Tussauds Wax Cabinet is highly recommended, but if you are a bit more adventurous, then take a trip in the The London Eye, the world's tallest observation wheel, with a 40km panoramic view on a clear day. Don't forget to visit Camden Town, the hippie inner city district in North London, and its famous Camden Market. 

England's many other attractions

England has so much more to offer than London alone. Some of the most popular tourist attractions are the beautiful university cities of Oxford and Cambridge, with two of the most renowned and impressive universities in the world. How about taking a trip to the countryside and visiting the beautiful Lake District in north western England? Let's not forget the mystical Stonehenge, the prehistoric monument north of Salisbury, one of Europe's largest and most mythical and mysterious sights. 

Music fans, power shoppers and football lovers will be thrilled with the Beatles-city of Liverpool (and its famous football team), Manchester (with its just as famous football team and a fantastic music scene) and the country's second-largest city, Birmingham, rich with ethnic diversity and with many exciting restaurants and shopping areas. 

Travelling in England

Travelling around in England by car or train is a pleasant experience. It's easy, everyone is friendly and there is no language barrier. Much of the countryside is flat, a beautiful rural landscape with fields and greenery everywhere. The north and west offer rolling hills and inviting lakes, as well as the famous Lake District. 

England's countryside

It is also the worthwhile to continue the journey to North England. The northern countryside is dramatic and beautiful, with lakes, hills, castles and spectacular coastline. Here you will find a number of national parks and well preserved medieval towns such as York.

The southern coast has some surprisingly good beaches and resorts. You can stay in a charming bed and breakfast and experience a really laid back holiday. The south is also home to Winchester and Salisbury with their beautiful cathedrals, and both places are only a short distance from Stonehenge.

Visit Stonehenge in England

South west of London, you will find Cornwall with great surfing beaches all along the ragged coastline. Closely by, you find the cosy thatched roofed cottages in the picturesque town of Cotswolds. Try the Somerset cider and not to mention the delicious cream teas in Devon.

England's diverse nightlife

Pubs, clubs, bars, music venues - England has it all and more! It's not only in London that you find a throbbing nightlife; it can be found throughout the entire country. The lively and cosy pubs are where you will find the authentic England, and gain an insight into the social strata and the English charm. The major cities of Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle, to name a few, offer fantastic nightlife.

Gastronomic experiences

English food is often unfairly described as bland and over cooked. Some of the world's best restaurants and chefs are to be found throughout England. The English are particularly proud of their beer, especially bitter, ale and stout. So much that it can get the older generation to stand up and wave the Union Jack with pride. 

Learn English in England

English courses in England

England is the ideal place to learn English - one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. With good English skills you are well-prepared for future travels around the world and for your career. Read more about our English courses in England.

Education and study tours to England

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