Nice - the best of the French Riviera

Travel to Nice - Glamour on Cote d'Azur

Whether you are looking for glamour or a deep cultural experience Nice has something for you! The city's fantastic selection of everything from attractions, concerts and galleries to shops, markets and parks make sure you will never be bored staying in this beautiful Mediterranean town. Book your trip to Nice with KILROY!

Nice is the gem of the Riviera; a lively and proud metropolis that offers delicious Mediterranean temptations in the form of food, culture, shopping and entertainment. The rich and famous stay in luxury hotels, gamble away thousands of euros in casinos and discuss fashion or politics over a lunch filled with caviar and champagne - while backpackers check into hostels, stroll around in the popular flower market and enjoy picnics on the beach, often with a bottle of cheap French wine and fresh baguette from the baker. The common denominator? That Nice is as eventful and exciting no matter who you are!

Sightseeing in Nice

The range of sights, cultural experiences and entertainment in Nice is huge. Be sure to obtain a good guidebook for Nice so that you can figure out which sights suit you best. We recommend a visit to Colline du Chateau, a historic castle which is located in 90 meters height with stunning views of the seafront and town. Nice Observatory was designed by Charles Garnier (who also designed the Eiffel Tower) and was finished in 1885.  

A trip to the Flower Market in Old Town is a must during the day/afternoon. Otherwise, the city's several historic churches and cathedrals, many from the 1700s are worth visiting. And obviously you have to take a stroll along the Promenade des Anglais!

French cuisine in Nice

Nice is undoubtedly a gastronomic delight! France itself is known for elegant dishes but each region prepares food in different ways, and in Nice you will see that olive oil, herbs and vegetables are the reigning ingredients.


A good tip from KILROY is to prepare your own picnic! That is; go to a local baker, deli-counter and/or butcher and buy fresh baguettes, delicious French cheeses and locally produced meat. Bring a bottle of bordeaux wine, wrap everything together in a picnic basket and head to the nearest park or, even better, the beach. That being said, Nice's restaurants offer exquisite French cuisine - especially fresh seafood.

Accommodation & transportation in Nice

In Nice you'll find everything from inexpensive hostels to expensive luxury hotels, and the prices often depend on the location. However, around the main train station and old town you can find affordable, decent accommodation.

It is easy to walk around large parts of the downtown area and otherwise you can take buses or trams. Taxis are quite expensive and recommended only at night or in times of emergency. From the airport there are buses or trains running frequently to the center, which is both affordable and effective. Ask at the information desk on arrival if you need help with this.


With its location along the shores of the Mediterranean, Nice has a mild and pleasant climate all year round. July and August are the warmer months where tourism is also at its highest, so if you want to avoid sweating in endless queues we recommend to travel in spring or autumn.


KILROY's best travel tips to Nice

Nice is surrounded by several small villages which are definitely worth a visit. Go to Eze Village, a tiny romantic mountain village a half hour train and bus trip from Nice. If you want a lovely day at the beach, with real sand (in Nice there are only rocky beaches) then take the train 10 minutes east to Villefranche-sur-Mer.

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