Fall in love with Paris and the eiffel tower

Travel to Paris - The city that seduces you

Paris is a city of contrasts. Cobbled alleyways and kilometre long avenues, small boutiques and huge department stores, polite Parisian's opening doors for you one minute and closing them in your face the next. Let yourself be swept away by Paris!

Getting around in Paris couldn’t be easier. The subway (Le Métro) is one of the largest and easiest to navigate in the world.  There are entrances to Le Métro on every other street corner. 

Travel to Paris - the fashion capital of the world

It is unthinkable to visit Paris without shopping; it is of course the fashion capital of the world! There is something here for every budget, but please leave your old comfy clothes at home – in Paris style is everything. 

Visiting Louis Vuittons flagship store is a must, regardless if you are able to shop there or not. 7 floors on 101 Avenue Des Champs-Élysées, and its even competing for the number of visitors with the Eiffel Tower.

Sightseeing in Paris

Obviously the Eiffel Tower is worth a visit, you won't be disappointed. If you don't have the patience to wait in the mile long queue, a hot tip is to take yourself to the top of the “Tour Mont Parnasse”, a giant office block with a breath taking view.

If you like everyone else have read the Da Vinci Code, a must-see is to visit the Louvre museum. Also The Arc De Triumph, Notre Dame are well worth a visit too. Also, don't miss the Latin Quarter (Métro Cluny La Sorbonne) that offers some fantastic buildings, restaurants and small boutiques.

If you tired of the big city life, rent a car and drive out into the countryside in France. Visit a vineyard and why not a local little bistro where you can enjoy the cozy atmosphere, you will love it we promise!

The most important thing in Paris - Food

Buy a baguette, a chunk of Brie and a nice bottle of red and picnic in one of Paris's lovely parks. We recommend one of the parks around Sacré Coeur.  It's not hard to find good food in Paris, the city is known as the home of Gastronomy. The French have a passionate relationship with food, from 5 star restaurants to the family run bistro on the corner, good food is the most important thing! 

Education and study tours to Paris

Did you know that KILROY can also help organise your study tour to Paris? Read on to learn more about how we can plan your study trip with the right academic content and interesting study visits in the city of your choice.

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