Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany

Travel to Germany - Bratwurst and castles

Germany is basically synonymous with European efficiency and quality, but the country offers a wide range of exciting and surprising experiences. Germany has a string of impressive castles, beautiful and varied landscapes, a captivating city pulse and not to mention good festivals - many of which include good beer! Book your trip to Germany with KILROY!

Germany is one of Europe's largest countries and home to more than 82 million people. This vast and energetic country contains many contradictions, such as the large and vibrant cities on the one hand and picturesque, quaint villages on the other. Germans are generally fun-loving and outgoing, and you will find plenty of lively festivals with wine and beer tasting - just think of the world-famous Oktoberfest in Munich.

Berlin - The capital of Germany

Berlin is widely considered one of Europe's coolest cities. The city is known for its exciting subcultures and trendy environments with lots of cool shops, bars and galleries. Actually, Berlin is surprisingly green and welcoming, contrary to what many people might think.

Brandenburger Tor in Berlin

Berlin is also a music and artistic city. A lot of creative energy flourishes with plenty of music venues and music festivals. The architecture, museums and galleries also deserve attention - and let's not forget the city's major sights such as Tiergarten, the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, Alexanderplatz, Berlin Wall and the impressive cathedral Berliner Dom.


West Germany's financial center, particularly famous for its major international airport with many travelers most only on stopovers, however. It is highly recommended to visit Frankfurt as the city offers a fascinating blend of modern skyscrapers and well-preserved medieval buildings. Go see the beautiful cathedral from the year 852, the museums and the world-famous author Goethe's birthplace. Frankfurt also has a lively student and university environment alongside the bustling financial sector.

Munich - Home of the Oktoberfest

Munich is the country's third largest city and simply fascinating. It has a mixture of beautiful baroque architecture combined with idyllic surroundings in the beautiful district of Bavaria. The city center offers the magnificent Frauenkirche and the wonderful National Theatre, considered by many as one of the best in the world. And then there is the legendary Oktoberfest, which takes place every year in September. The Alps are also not far from Munich.

Germany Munich Cityscape


At the Rhine river banks lies, Germany's fourth largest city, Cologne. The city is characterized by a nice and relaxed atmosphere and an exciting cultural life, including the annual winter carnival in February. You should definitely go to the impressive Cologne Cathedral, the city's cathedral and the impressive landmark of 970, which is on UNESCO's list of protected world heritage.

Accommodation in Germany

Germany offers a lot of options when it comes to accommodation. Camping is a very popular form of accommodation, as is the so-called 'Fremdenzimmern' which is a kind of Bed & Breakfast. There are more than 600 different youth hostels, called 'Jugendherbergen', which is one of the cheapest accommodation types. In the larger cities, it is advisable to stay with a local family - it is quite common and a good way to get acquainted with the locals and German culture.

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