Visit the number one fashion Mecca - Milan!

Travel to Milan - the promised land of shopping

Travel to Milan, Italy's second largest city and fashion mecca numero uno, and be seduced by the limitless shopping, enjoyable restaurants, the magnificent cathedral and cultural classics like Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper". Book your trip to Milan with KILROY!

Fashion and shopping

Milan is undoubtedly the fashion mecca numero uno. It is Italy's financial and business center of shopping with an array of trendy boutiques.


In Milan you can see one of the art world's true classics; Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper". It's something you definitely do not want to miss. Besides the amazing mural, the actual experience itself is worth the trouble. If you are interested in art you must also take the opportunity to visit the Pinacoteca di Brera, one of Italy's leading museum with works by Raffaello, Caravaggio and Mantegna.

Milan Italy Piazza Del Duomo

Other attractions in Milan

If you are a football fan a visit to the San Siro Stadium is a given. See the passionate Italian players give everything or become mesmerized by the Italian fans. Strolling around the town area of ​​the canals of Navigli is another fine experience. This is a nice activity after an intense day of shopping or great cultural intake. The incomparable Cathedral El Doumo is also a must-see if you are traveling to Milan.

Nightlife and Italian cuisine

If you go to Milan, you can look forward to first-class nightlife, whether you're into flashy dance halls and more "popular" premises. There is a huge variety of clubs in Corso Como, where you can dance the night away and in Brera and Navigli you can find many cozy bars.

You are guaranteed to eat well in Milan and some typical dishes to try are Risotto alla Milanese and fritto misto alla Milanese. Two wonderfully authentic venues is Trattoria da Pino and al Matarel Signora Elide. When in Italy, you have to eat pizza and the best is in Fabbrica Pizzeria con Cucina.


KILROY's best travel tips

As in many other southern European countries many shops close for lunch between 1-3pm.

Jump on the Milan tram to look around the city - a perfect sightseeing option! We recommend line 1. Tourist Information can be found for example on Via Guglielmo Marconi 2, if you want more tips or get a map.

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