The beautiful city of Rome in Italy

Travel to Rome - la dolce vita!

In Rome there is walking distances between all the amazing sights and experiences. Each one being bigger and better than the last! You can really feel a closeness to history, just the sight of the Colluseum brings all of your fantasies to life!

A great place to start your exploration of the city is the Colluseum, make sure you are there as soon as the doors open in the morning. It's well worth the entrance fee, even if you have to queue for a while. From there go next door to the Forum Romanum. Directly to the north of the Forum Romanum is the Piazza di Campidoglio, designed by Michaelangelo, a real must for those interested in architecture. A few blocks further north is the Patheon. Stop on route for a refreshing gelato (italian ice cream).

Cafes and Fontana di Trevi in Rome

After the Patheon you have earned yourself a long coffee break. Walk the short distance to the lively piazzas. To the east is Piazza Navona with loads of pavement cafés all in a row. Renowned for people watching and well as Berninis Fountain in the middle. To the west on route to the Fontana di Trevi you can make a stop at either Piazza Ignazio or the Piazza Colonna. Once at the Fontana di Trevi you will find it irresistable to dip your toe in the famous fountain just like in the film ”La Dolce Vita”.

Shopping in Rome

Just north of Fontana di Trevi are fashionable shopping districts. You can find every self respecting brand and designer there. Around Via Frattina and  Via Condotti you could easily be struck down by intensive shopping urges, so hold on tight to your wallet! A little cheaper shopping can be found on Via Nazionale, and if you are into second hand then there are some fun shops on the Via del Governo Vecchio (near the Piazza Navona).

Travel to Rome and enjoy the true Italian cuisine

When it comes to food there is only one thing to worry about – how can you fit in all of the culinary delights? The pasta, the pizza, the risotto, the frittata, the ciabatta, the cassata, the tiramisu… The Italians really put their soul into cooking.

Education and study tours to Rome

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