Go sailing on a Gondola in Venice

Travel to Venice - city of romance

Venice in northern Italy is justifiably world famous. It is just as special and romantic as you imagine it to be. Venice is the perfect place for a romantic getaway or as part of a longer trip around Italy or Europe. Book your trip to Venice with KILROY.

Venice was founded in the 5th century and is located in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea, spread over 118 islands. It is built on wooden poles, and several houses are only one meter above the water, making the old city extremely sensitive to tides.

It has repeatedly been predicted that Venice is on its way into the sea, but so far the city has survived. And perhaps it is this fragility that makes the city extra mysterious and alluring.

Venice - known from the movies

Venice is a city of dreamers and romantics, wrapped in mystery and history. In 1987 it was added to UNESCO's world heritage list. Just to wander around in the labyrinthine streets and see the city - which has been reproduced on film numerous times - is a great experience in itself. And fortunately walking is free!


The gondola in the Grand Canal

If you get tired of walking around Venice, you can jump on a gondola or waterbus and rest your legs while drifting by old houses. If you begin your sailing here in the direction of St. Mark's Square, you will come across the Scalzi bridge, Academy Bridge and the Rialto Bridge; A beautiful white construction from the late 1500s, which is centrally located and is one of the city's famous main bridges.

Markets at sunrise

Visit one of the city's many food markets where you can buy fruit, vegetables and fresh fish. But get up early. It starts at sunrise and by 8am it is packed and most of the stalls close around noon.

Espresso with sea views

Venice has many good restaurants. There are lots of cafes and bars with terraces next to the water, where you can sit and drink a coffee in the sun. Do not miss out on a meal of fresh fish or seafood.

Venice's best shopping: San Marco

There is a multitude of shops in Venice; from the cheaper shops selling carnival masks, glass art and souvenirs, to the exclusive ones with great Italian designers.

Visit San Marco area for exclusive brands such as Bulgari, Prada and Gucci.

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