The scenery in Norway is incredible

Travel to Norway - magnificent nature

Welcome to a land full of wonderful scenery, exciting cities and a few world-class culinary delights. Visit Norway in the summer and hike on first-class hiking trails, or go there in the winter months and practice winter activities. Book your trip to Norway with KILROY!

When you travel to Norway, you will probably arrive in Oslo - Norway's capital. We suggest you spend a few days here as there are many historical and cultural sites to visit as well as excellent restaurants, shopping and fine parks.

The capital Oslo

Start with a walk around the Akershus Fortress, a place with a great history and some interesting relics from the Middle Ages. Then proceed to the Norwegian Folk Museum and Vikingaskepps Museum (Viking ships museum). If you visit Oslo in winter, there are plenty of cozy cafes and bars where you can relax with a hot drink and enjoy some local specialties. There are lots to do at night. Many places organize live concerts from local and foreign bands, so check out what's happening during your stay.

Winter and skiing in Norway

During the winter, Norway offers a wide range of winter sports. Trysil, Hafjell, Kvitfjell and Hemsedal are the most popular places to go and they are all not far from Oslo. In the north, Tromsø and Narvik are also good for skiing and snowboarding and this area even has an added bonus - the famous Northern Lights. Book accommodation in advance, especially around Christmas and Easter when it is high season.


Outdoor Activities

Norway's beautiful and majestic coastline is outstanding, and the best way to see this is to travel on the popular Hurtigruten, a ferry sailing between Bergen in the south to Kirkenes in the north. This is a very unique experience! A popular place to experience the authentic coastal culture and atmosphere is on the Lofoten Islands in the north. Enjoy some of the best seafood and fall asleep to the sound of waves. During the summer months, Norwegians spend most of their time outdoors, although the weather can be quite unpredictable. On a sunny day the parks are full of people. There are some fine sandy beaches along the Norwegian coast which are very popular among the locals.

Hiking in Norway

Norway's inland consists largely of mountains and forests that are ideal for hiking and we can promise you breathtaking scenery and beautiful views. The country has no dangerous animals, so you can feel totally safe when camping. Your biggest fear is likely to be bloodthirsty mosquitoes and they are very aggressive so do not forget the mosquito repellent!
Norway is well suited for hikers and on the most popular hiking trails, there are cottages that you can stay in along the way. Some of the best hiking trails in Norway are Jotunheimen, Rondane Sunnmørsalpene, Lyngsalpene, Finnmark, Dovrefjell og Hardangervidda.

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