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Travel to Moscow - a city of contrasts

Moscow is a different and exciting city with lots of beautiful buildings, cultural treasures and historic attractions. Furthermore, there are lots of colorful and distinctive experiences under the surface. Book your trip to Moscow with KILROY!

The big brother of Eastern Europe

A trip to the Russian capital is a journey back in time to magnificent buildings, monuments and cultural treasures that appear to be from a bygone era, and that you won't find elsewhere in Europe. Moscow is the cultural, economic, political and religious capital of Russia with several universities and thus lively student environments.

The city lies between the rivers Oka and Volga that has given the city its name. The city is divided in rings surrounding the river each with special atmospheres and characteristics.

City of strong contrasts

It is said that Moscow has more billionaires than any other city in the world, yet it is hard not to notice the poverty that is present everywhere. Such contrasts are inevitable in Moscow, but it is also such contrasts that make the city so exciting and special; life's raw dynamics combined with 21st century high tech and contradictory, ancient cultural history.

Attractions in Moscow

Most of Moscow's sights are in the inner and central 'ring' of the city, which is very convenient for visitors.

The most famous place is the Red Square and the Kremlin, located right in the heart of the city. The President also lives here and it is also where you find some of the city's most interesting historic buildings such as the magnificent St. Basil's Cathedral with nine chapels from the 16th century and the interesting Lenin Mausoleum. Many of the buildings seem like something taken straight out of a fairy tale!


Don't miss out on a visit to some of Moscow's museums. Here you will find some of the most impressive collections in the world, like Tretyakov Gallery, one of the very best with interesting photographs and paintings. The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts offers a rich collection of artworks from Soviet times.

Also visit some of the beautiful gardens, such as Alexandrovsky and Hermitage, or perhaps Kolomenskoe monastery, which is also surrounded by a beautiful green area perfect for a picnic.

Shopping in Moscow

From the Red Square, there are lots of opportunities to enjoy life when you have had enough of cultural experiences. The shopping center GUM is nearby and offers a little of everything. Are you looking for expensive jewelry, we recommend a visit to UI Tverskaya Street and the attractive shop Tiffany & Co.


Moscow is a party city, and in many ways a city full of surprises. It is constantly evolving and offers new exciting places all the time. The streets around Tverskaya UI Street is one of the best in town what nightlife and bars are concerned. At the southern end of the area there are the many luxurious clubs and restaurants.

A good way to find the right parties in town is by getting in touch with some of the locals, whom are happy to guide you to the best places.

Moscow is also the place for jazz lovers. 'Jazz Town' in Taganskaya pl 12 Zayauzie - is a massive new casino club with lots of live jazz music.

Moscow Russia Red Square Night

Skiing, skating and baths

For something different - go to one of the traditional Russian bathhouses, a banya, which is a place with hot steam baths and pools - and lots of pleasure seekers from Moscow's upper and middle classes. A good place to socialize and get an idea of ​​the local culture. Sandunovskiye is the most popular.

Or how about a ski trip (in winter) in one of the city's many parks or skating in the famous Gorky Park? In summer you can enjoy life on the sandy beach Serebryaniu in the city's north end.

Transportation in Moscow

Moscow's metro is one of the world's largest in terms of scope and the number of daily passengers. Here are 11 lines and approximately 170 stations distributed throughout the city and its outlying areas. The metro is famous for its beautiful architecture and art, but look out for pickpockets who perceive the often overcrowded subway as a true paradise!

It is not recommended to drive in Moscow, but there are plenty of taxis - they are not too expensive as long as you remember to agree on the price beforehand with the driver. Also buses, monorail and trams are good transportation options in the city.

KILROY's best travel tips

Try the hotelship Alexander Blok, which is centrally located. There is a good nightclub as well as great views of the Moscow River.

Remember that winters are VERY cold and the summers are very hot - consider visiting Moscow during spring or fall.

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