A trip to Barcelona is a trip to the still unfinished La Sagrada Familia

Travel to Barcelona - Lively and lovely!

Spain's second largest city, wonderful Barcelona, offers delicious tapas bars, beaches, flamingo dancing, shopping, museums, architecture and football - all in top class. And the city is super charming! Book your trip to Barcelona with KILROY!

The Spanish charm

The first thing you notice when you get to Barcelona is life - lots of life. They play guitars in the parks, drive on the characteristic vespas and are enjoying life on the cafés. There is so much to see and do in Barcelona, ​​but dont forget to soak in the Spanish charm.

Main attractions in Barcelona

One of Barcelona's landmarks, the still unfinished but incredibly impressive church "La Sagrada Familia" is a must. Generally, the architecture of the city is fantastic. Park Guell is well worth a visit - in many ways a crazy place, designed by Antonio Gaudí. Here is beautiful and distinctive mosaics and architectural wonders.

Barcelona Spain Parc Guell

Don't miss a trip to the beaches Barceloneta and Sitges, go shopping and walk down the Ramblas (La Rambla) - it is loved and hated by many, but should definitely be experienced.

If you want to experience flamingo dancing(originally from Andalusia), it is recommended to visit The Soniquetes. Are you a football fan, it is obviously a must to visit the legendary Camp Nou stadium - either on a tour of the day or even better as a spectator during a match with world famous FC Barcelona.

Tapas and other delicacies

There is much to see in Barcelona. But food and drinks are definitely one of the highlights here. As in the rest of Spain, breakfast is not as big of a deal, but lunch is in turn divine. It often consists of several dishes, often accompanied by wine and may take several hours to get through. The locals eat dinner late, so if you go to a restaurant around 7pm you will most likely be the only one there.


Fiesta - let the party begin

Barcelona has everything from a crazy nightlife, cool tapas bars, jazz bars, and live music. Favorite places to party until the early morning is the club Chilled Out Pipa Club and the funky Luz De Gaz.

Transportation in Barcelona

The best way to get around is on foot. Alternatively, you can buy a special ticket that allows unlimited access to transport by bus, metro and train. It is easy and inexpensive. Taxis are generally cheap.

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