One of the local animals in Sweden - a moose

Travel to Sweden - nature, culture and music

Sweden is a country with beautiful nature available in a unique way for everyone. The country is long stretching and the nature varies greatly between north and south. There is a wide range of sporting activities, but also a lot of culture in the larger cities. Sweden is a "pop music-country" and there is a huge range of music venues and festivals around Sweden. Book your trip to Sweden with KILROY!

Sweden is the largest of the Scandinavian countries and is located between Norway and Finland. It offers everything from forests and scenic lakes to culture, good food and nice places. Sweden is not "just" beautiful scenery, you can also experience world-class artists at the many music festivals around the country. Sweden is home to several of the world's largest music producers.


Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and it is not possible to visit it without completely falling in love with it. The city is made up of about 15 islands connected by bridges. The first thing to do when you come here is to put on your favorite walking shoes and just walk, walk and walk...

Go to Gamla Stan, Stockholm's oldest part, with cobble stone streets and picturesque little houses. Stockholm is a very green city and a warm recommendation is to take a long walk around Djurgården and take the opportunity to visit the museum and cozy cafés located here.

As in many other capitals, Stockholm has a thriving cultural life with plenty of theaters, museums and galleries waiting to be visited. If you want to experience the Stockholm nightlife it happens at Götgatan, in the district of Södermalm and at Stureplan.

Cultural favorites

If you are culturally interested, there are plenty to explore and experience when visiting Sweden. Some favorites are the Modern Art Museum, the National Museum and Vasa Museum in Stockholm, Gothenburg Museum in Gothenburg and Dalarnas Museum in Falun.

Another recommendation is to visit the famous Swedish artist Carl Larsson and Anders Zorn museum and the home in Dalarna. The world's first open-air museum Skansen is located in the capital and is another fun experience. Here you can see how the Swedes lived several hundred years ago, and look at animals as the brown bear and the famous moose.

During the summer months the festivals are booming - a paradise for music lovers. Artists from all over the world do their thing at the Jazz Festival, Hultsfred, Where The Action Is, Way Out West and Popaganda, to name just a few of a mile-long list of festivals.

When you leave the big cities...

If you leave the larger cities, such as Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo, there are beautiful and exciting things to see and experience, both in north and south. In the Baltic Sea, southeast of the mainland lies Gotland and Öland, two islands which are really worth getting to know. We welcome you to beautiful nature, cute little houses, beautiful beaches and a relaxed atmosphere. To rent a bike and ride around the length and breadth of the islands is a beautiful experience. Further north, you can, among other things, improve your skiing in the mountain villages, visit one of the many hiking trails or visit a Sami village. Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi is a cool and interesting experience, and a warm recommendation.

Swedish cuisine

Swedish food consists of much more than meatballs, pickled herring and potatoes. These traditional dishes can, and should, of course be tasted, but the Swedish kitchen today is more of a cross-over with influences from countries like Italy, Spain, Japan, Thailand and Lebanon. But during the traditional feasts such as Christmas, Easter and Midsummer herring and snaps are endured. .

When to go to Sweden?

If you want to go skiing and experiencing the high latitudes you should go during the colder months; October to April. If you want to get a glimpse of the sun then go between May and September.

KILROY's best travel tips

Swedes are generally good at English, so there is always someone you can ask about everything from directions to advice on the venues and nice restaurants.

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