The Netherlands

The architecture in The Netherlands is quite unique

Travel to the Netherlands - More than just tulips

The Netherlands is a small country with great possibilities for the traveler. The country offers everything from glittering cities to charming villages, beautiful tulip fields to rough industrial ports. Book your trip to the Netherlands with KILROY.

A trip to the Netherlands or Amsterdam - may prove to be a lot more exciting and different than most people might imagine. Ducth people are generally open, tolerant, high-spirited and very easy going. Not only the people is something special, the country also offer interesting geography, history and culture.

Lots of water in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is dominated by water. Water is everywhere - the country is crossed by rivers, canals and the beach is never far away. It is the country's western part, which is the most urban with four of the largest cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. Netherlands borders Germany to the east, Belgium to the south and England across the sea to the north.

Netherlands Amsterdam Canal Boat

Tulips and wooden shoes - and windmills

Often people automatically think of tulips, clogs and windmills when they think of The Netherlands. But the Netherlands is much more than that. You will meet lots of spirited, friendly people and exciting and inspiring environments with lots of youthful, artistic 'vibes'.

Famous art museums

The Netherlands has had major, world-famous painters such as Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Vermeer, and you should - interested in art or not - definitely experience some of these great painters' works in one of the country's great museums. Try Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum, both located in Amsterdam.


The Netherlands' most famous and visited city is Amsterdam, which also holds a number of interesting and attractive features - including a lot of cultural events and a unique nightlife. In addition to the aforementioned museums a visit here should include the area around the quaint canals, the many good parks and markets. Read more about Amsterdam and the city's attractions here.


The world's biggest port

A trip to the Netherlands should also include a visit to the port city of Rotterdam, which is particularly famous for its huge port, called Europoort; which is actually the world's largest port - and a confirmation of Holland's status as an industrial nation. At the harbor, 'Euromast', a 185 meter high tower gives visitors a perfect view of the area.

Accommodation in Netherlands

Unfortunately, accommodation in The Netherlands is quite expensive. The cheapest solutions are camping and hostels. The weather in Holland is quite unstable, so instead of sleeping in a tent, we recommend booking a small bungalow at the camp sites - these provide a little more comfort, if the weather is bad.

You can find hostels everywhere in the Netherlands. Especially in large cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam. An alternative to hostels is Bed & Breakfast particularly suited to travelers who travel quickly on to the next place and maybe typically only stay a night or two in the same place. Book your accommodation in Holland here.

Travel around the Netherlands

It is easy to travel by train in the Netherlands, but otherwise it's also a great idea to drive a car. In this way, it is easier to get around to different parts of the country like Veluwe, Zeeland and the islands in the North Sea, which are not linked to the train. Another option is to go on a cycling holiday around the Netherlands, as the country is flat and it's easy to bike.

Netherlands Amsterdam Bikes Canal

Study trip to The Netherlands

KILROY offer great expertise to put together study trips to The Netherlands for school groups and group tours with exciting educational content.

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