The amount of historical buildings and monuments are incredible in Israel

Travel to Israel - A classic in the Middle East

Israel is a notorious destination in the Middle East thanks to the nation's dramatic history and background. But at the same time it's an extremely fascinating place thanks to the very same history, its religion and as a center of biblical history. And Israel is so much more than that. Book your trip to Israel with KILROY!

The Holy Land, Israel, offers much more than history and religion; lively, fun-loving cities, beach life and nightlife, diving opportunities and fascinating deserts and an exciting street life.

Israel's capital, Jerusalem


Israel's capital, Jerusalem, is seemingly a typical Arab and Middle Eastern, sand-colored city. Here, Christianity and Judaism was born, and people travel to Jerusalem to see the Wailing Wall, where the Orthodox Jews say their daily prayer. It was also in Jerusalem, the Prophet Muhammad ascended through the seven heavens. So Jerusalem also has great significance for Muslims who come here to visit the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the so called Dome of the Rock, while Christians come to Jerusalem to see the Via Dolorosa, on which - it is believed - Jesus walked before he was crucified.

Even for people who are not religious, Jerusalem is an impressive experience. The historic part is home to some of the world's most fascinating historic and religious buildings - lots of old streets, synagogues, churches, mosques, museums and much more of the same is what awaits the traveler in Jerusalem.

Partying in Tel Aviv

Whereas Jerusalem is Israel's sacred and historical city, Tel Aviv is the country's party and seaside destination. If you travel to this part of Israel - and there is a good chance, since the country's main international airport is located here - you will quickly find that Tel Aviv has a much more Western appearance than the rest of Israel. Here you will find a terrific nightlife and lots of young people dressed in the right clothes, wearing sunglasses and the right attitude, and there is also plenty of great shopping to be had.

Israel Tel Aviv

It's the old, picturesque town of Jaffa, which constitutes the center of Tel Aviv, and it is precisely here you should sit on a sunny terrace at one of the cafes and order a cold beer or a mouthwatering drink.

When the day ends and the sun slowly starts to go down, the city boulevard and promenade are the right places to be. Take a bottle of wine and enjoy the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea as the day turns to night, and slowly let yourselves be seduced by Tel Aviv's inspiring and amazing nightlife.

The dead Sea

Israel Dead Sea

You should definitely try to float on the Dead Seal. This strange sea is simply something special, and one of the highlights of the entire Middle East. You do not believe it completely before you have tried, but it's true: in this sea, which is actually a lake you will simply flow. This phenomenon is due to the large salt reserve which is ten times higher than in the real ocean. The Dead Sea is also known for the healing effect the salt water is said to have on the body and mind.

Northern Israel: Ein Gedi National Park and The Judean Desert

Israel Judean Desert

The Judean Desert, in Northen Israel is where you can go desert trekking. The desert has not yet been discovered by mass tourism, and offers one amazing view after the other. A tough hike, but you'll be constantly reminded that it is worth the effort; the desert landscapes are constantly changing, and you certainly will not get bored.
Not far from The Judean Desert you'll find the oasis of Ein Gedi, where you can cool off in the refreshing lakes and waterfalls and enjoy the flora and fauna. Yes, it could very well resemble paradise.

1001 Nights in Acre

Your trip to Israel should also entail a meeting with the historic city of Acre, one of the oldest in the world. Here, you'll get an authentic 1001 night-feel in the city's narrow streets, secret alleys, old cellars and picturesque houses. Acre's authentic atmosphere, quiet and quaint cobbled streets, beautiful architecture and not least the impressive views of the Mediterranean makes this city one of the most enchanting stops on the journey to Israel.

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