Fishing boats in Beirut

Travel to Beirut - the best city in the world?

Beirut is very special, and people in love with this city call it the world's best. The city is unlike the neighboring Arab towns, because the atmosphere is more liberal and the Lebanese know how to celebrate. Take a deep breath and dive in to Beirut's joy of life like there's no tomorrow. Book your trip to Beirut with KILROY!

Beirut is a city with an intense recent history, and a population that is accustomed to adapt to everyday life after the political situation. Always check with your local country's recommendation for travel to Lebanon before going.

Downtown Beirut

Today, the center of Beirut is filled with busy business men and female shoppers while Asian nannies are playing with the children at Place de'Etoile. Spend an idyllic afternoon in Beirut with a little shopping and a delicious cafe dinner. You can stroll around in Beirut for hours and enjoy the atmosphere in the various districts, and the city is now so hot that many travelers call it the world's best city - particularly what urban life and nightlife is concerned.

The seafront promenade in Beirut


Beirut is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea with a lovely coastline with cliffs and beaches. The locals love to go for evening walks along the seafront, so this is a good place to drop into conversation and share a hookah with young Lebanese people. Plan the walk so you end up at Pigeon Rocks by sunset and enjoy the golden colors over the Mediterranean sea while eating meze and drinking limonade on Bay Rock Cafe, which has Beirut's best views. Further south you will find Beirut's white sandy beach, Ramlet al-Bayda, where you can rent deck chairs and buy snacks from the many vendors.

Beirut - the Travelers Ibiza


The trip to Beirut is not the same if you haven't tasted a bit of the city's nightlife, which is top notch. The city is like Ibiza, and features celebrations to suit every mood. Bars, restaurants and small DJ celebrations are displayed side by side in the district Gemeyzeh close by Mohammad al-Amin mosque.

Extravagant nightclubs are scattered throughout Beirut. The Lebanese forget all about civil war, religious factions and political instability when partying. The best-known dance spots are the eccentric B 018, the futuristic Palais by Crystal and Beirut's main gay scene, Acid, which is hidden behind Futuroscope Shopping Mall.

Day trips from Beirut - Byblos and Lebanon's cultural highlights


It's a nice little afternoon drive from Beirut to the idyllic port of Byblos, which is on UNESCO's World Heritage list as the oldest inhabited city in the world. Here you can enjoy views of the Mediterranean and Lebanon's coastline from the old castle, and end the day with fresh sushi in the cozy restaurants on the habor.

West of Beirut, three hours drive inland is the Roman biggest and most extravagant buildings in the Middle East; Baalbek which means Valley of sun. Six of the columns from the Jupiter temple still stand and with their 22.9 meters they are the world's tallest Roman columns. It is also impressive to see Bacchus temple still standing with 46 intact columns and lavish decorations. Baalbek is absolutely Lebanon's cultural highlight.

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