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Quebec's capital and Canada's largest concentration of French culture mixed with English. Montreal is just as pleasing and comfortable as it is stylish, cultural and beautiful, and it is very likely that you will fall in love with this city in record time. Book your trip to Montreal with KILROY!

If anything can be said about Montreal, it's the people's ability to enjoy life and make the best of it in every possible way. With the French influence in this city, it is no wonder that such a joie de vivre (joy of living) is present. Yes, the French elegance and light approach to life really shines through here. Life is good.

Food is not just food in Montreal. Food is often a festive highlight for many. In Downtown and in the district Plateau you'll find many excellent restaurants - try e.g. Bronte in Downtown and Au Pied de Cochon in The Plateau. It is difficult to find a culinary highlight in Montreal, because there are so many of them, thanks to the many different ethnic influences. Fortunately, there is something for every budget level.

Neighborhoods you will love to know

Montréal is also rich in charismatic and lovely neighborhoods. Quartier Latin is one of the city's most youthful and vibrant areas. You'll find many hip bars and bistros, theaters, record stores, venues and more. Yes, that's really where it happens, and also a large part of the thriving Canadian music scene has had its source here.

The main shopping street - Rue St-Denis - is located in the charming district of Old Montréal. Romantics will love this place full of cobblestone streets, Victorian stone houses in colonial style, intimate and cozy restaurants, galleries and good shops. And then there are the wonderful places and buildings nearby, primarily the church Basilique Notre Dame and Place Jacques Cartier.

A mountain in the city

Montreal also has a mountain. Not really actually, but at least a plateau. The Plateau is the name of the city's most youthful, vibrant and artistic neighborhood. It is trendy and sometimes hippie-ish and endearing and inspiring. This is the district, the locals love and would love to stay in if they could afford it. And you will be guaranteed to also love the architecture and the colorful characters here.

Just west of the Plateau is the Parc du Mont Royal, another one of the city's absolute highlights. This is a lovely park on the ridge of Mont Royal with a remarkable view of the city, cozy and romantic greenery and plenty of opportunities for different kinds of outdoor activity. In winter you can even ski here while in summer you can go biking, horseback riding, running, etc.

Climate and a city underground

The difference between summer and winter is often extreme - it happens that temperatures reach 40 degrees in summer and -40 degrees in the winter. Minor fluctuations are thankfully more normal, but no matter the season, Montreal is a city you should discover on foot, for there is simply so much to see everywhere and it's hard to say which season is more beautiful here. When the weather gets unbearable, for one reason or another, you can always look down into the temperate Underground City, a fascinating tunnel network underground with lots of good shops and access to the subway, restaurants, museums, etc.

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