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Travel to Quebec - Breathtakingly beautiful

Quebec is perhaps the most captivating and distinctive province in this huge and exciting country. If you only visit one area in Canada, it should be Quebec. There is something for everyone and you most likely be left with the feeling that you haven't seen it all in this lovely place.

A unique culture

Montreal is the largest city in the province of Quebec and a very attractive city. The French language gives it an added sophistication. Furthermore, the Anglo-American culture is also represented here, making the city even more special and charming. The dual culture and its multi-faceted cultural experiences makes Montreal and its 3.4 million inhabitants very unique.

Incredible nature

Unless time is a problem, you shouldn't stay too long in Montreal because Quebec has so much more to offer. On the magnificent Atlantic coast, to the north you'll find the wild and wonderful Mingan Archipelago National Park - a group of islands with rich flora and fauna and distinctive, oddly shaped limestone cliffs. An obvious place to rent a kayak and go on adventures.

The raw beauty of the coast is overwhelming, which is also seen in Tadoussac. Here, in the middle of the impressive outlets of the Saguenay River, whales are crossing each summer to the delight of the many tourists who occupy this otherwise peaceful, captivating little village every summer. The city is extremely picturesque and is worth a visit for many reasons other than whale watching; fascinating sand dunes, boating and kayaking adventures in the fjords, excellent hiking and much more.

Beauty upon beauty

You also need to go to the Parc de la Gaspésie on the other side of the fjord, a beautiful mountain area with good hiking and camping opportunities. Enchanting mountain sceneries with lakes, waterfalls and good chances of seeing large flocks of the North American reindeer caribou. With a little luck you might see mooses, deers, foxes and even black bears.

There is no end to the beauty of Quebec. The great wild north, rich in magnificent scenery and almost forgotten cultures and life is a true adventure. More accessible is The Laurentians, a beautiful area just north of Montreal with hills, lakes, rivers and delightful villages. And then there's Quebec City, a relatively small city (167,000 inhabitants) with a French heritage; cozy, historic streets and, not least and a superb location.

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