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Travel to Cancun

The peninsula of Yucatan and the region around the city of Cancun is Mexico's most popular travel destination. Tourism and adventure thrives in beautiful surroundings here and it's a perfect stop-over for backpackers. Cancun and the beautiful Yucatan peninsula offer some of Mexico's best beaches and most unique nature experiences. In addition, you will find a number of cultural and historical ruins of Mayan time.

The natural surroundings of the Yucatan Peninsula is a bit different than the rest of Mexico. Large rain forests characterize the area and along the coast you will find genuine palm beaches of the finest kind. A true bounty paradise that attracts plenty of travelers.

Cancun - a new and popular beach destination

Most visitors to the Yucatan Peninsula stay close to Cancun. Cancun is quite a new city and it was not founded until the late 1960's. The vision was to create a city with focus on the environment and nature. Or in other words, sustainable tourism. But Cancun ended up being much more than that and today tourism for the Cancun area has grown to an extent that no one imagined.

Cancun for backpackers

Cancun is definitely a place for backpackers to visit. It may not be a place to stay for weeks or months, but the vibrant atmosphere, the beaches and the nightlife are fantastic. Travelers and Mexicans alike flock to Cancun because this part of Mexico is sunny and exotic, beach life is great and money goes a long way.

Attractions in Cancun

Even though Cancun is mostly knows for its exotic beach life, the world famous ruins of Chichen Itza is located only a few hours drive from Cancun. The trip to Chitchen Itza is worth the drive and can be done as a day tour. Once there, you'll have time to explore this Mayan cultural sight which is part of the New Seven Wonder of the World.

Weather in Cancun

Cancun is a tropical area year round so be prepared for the humidity and heat, and be sure to drink plenty of water. Also, watch the sun - sunscreen is a must in this area where the temperature seldom drops below 22c, even at night time.

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