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Travel to Yucatan - Exquisite and exciting

On Mexico's wonderful Yucatan peninsula you will find dreamy beaches of the Caribbean Sea, lots of happy people, great Mexican food, impressive Mayan ruins and unique diving and snorkeling opportunities. Relax in the sun or party till dawn (or both)! Book your trip to Yucatan with KILROY!


Cancun is either paradise or hell - depending on how you look at it! This wild and vibrant resort town is filled with bright colors and luxury hotels. In other words, not the perfect place if you are into relaxation and a quiet, romantic vacation. The beaches are amazing, but especially in March they are overcrowded as it is this time of year especially young Americans come for 'spring break'. Believe us: there are many of them! Most hotels and all the shops, nightlife and of course the good beaches are in the Zona Hotelera.

Isla Mujeres

On the island of Isla Mujeres, a 25-minute boat ride from the mainland you can enjoy the good beach life in a hammock. You can take day trips out here, but we also recommend spending a couple of nights here. Soak up the relaxed atmosphere, perfect beaches with crystal clear waters which are perfect for snorkelling and amazing sunsets.


Playa del Carmen

If Cancun is too much, you might want to visit Playa del Carmen instead. This slightly smaller seaside city 1 hour south of Cancun also has palm beaches and excellent water sports opportunities. The city is continually expanding, but you can still enjoy the cozy atmosphere with lots of shops, restaurants, bars and hotels in the old town.

Diving & Cozumel

Cozumel island is a world famous diving site, so it goes without saying that there are great experiences to be had under the sea off this tropical island in the Caribbean Sea. There are more than 100 different world class diving spots with colorful corals, massive shoaling of fish, sharks, eels, etc. You get there by boat from e.g. Playa del Carmen (it only takes 30 minutes), but it is generally expensive to stay here.


Tulum is one of the most famous sites in the Yucatan. Here, you can see the beautiful and fascinating Mayan ruins. It is highly recommended to visit the place in the morning or evening, to avoid herds of tourists. Fortunately, there are several good and cheap options of accommodation that specifically caters to backpackers - such as small huts with sand on the floor and a hammock to sleep in. Yes, 'the mexican way' - and quite excellent.

Mayan ruins on the Yucatan


Yucatan is generally filled with beautiful Mayan ruins. The largest and most important on your itinerary should include Chichen Itza and Palenque. But there is much more to see on the peninsular, so go exploring on your own - you can rent a taxi driver for a day and ask him to drive you and your travel buddies to the various ruins.

Yucatan Cenotes - limestone caves

Yucatan peninsular is also famous for its many cenotes - freshwater swimming holes in underground limestone caves; perfect spots for snorkeling and relaxing in the sun. These places are very exciting. In several of these places, you may see some rare fish that live in the dark water in the caves. Furthermore, the caves and natural pools are extremely beautiful.

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