Flags outside Washington Monument.

Travel to the U.S. - Go west!

A trip to the USA is a journey to a place where everything is BIGGER! The cars are larger, the skyscrapers taller, the deserts and national parks are never ending - and there are lots of them, even the film and rock stars are massive. The USA isn't just about size though, it is in every way a fantastic travel destination and both the cities and the nature in this fascinating country are exceptional. Book your travel to USA with KILROY!

Popular destinations in the US:

USA is a fantastic destination as there are so many wonderful and impressive things to see and do. The big cities - including some of the world's most famous New York, San Francisco and Chicago - all have that special American atmosphere "just like in the movies".

Diversified nature and population

The USA has some truly magnificent nature on a massive scale with a range of activities and possibilities to suit all tastes of traveller, from the more adventurous and energetic, to the more laid back. There are few, if any, countries that offer such a diverse and spectacular natural landscape: rugged cliffs and coastlines, magnificent beaches, never ending wildernesses and prairies, rolling hills, steaming swamps and marshlands, unequalled and unforgiving deserts, and strange, almost incomprehensible rock formations and gorges - did someone mention the Grand Canyon? The nature is one thing, another is the country's diverse and varied inhabitants: the mid-west's prairies and rolling hills are home to cowboys and "hillbillies"; NYC's coolest of the cool inhabitants of Manhattan and Greenwich; laid back surfer dudes in California's eternal summer. You can experience it all and choose what suits you best.

Roadtrip in the US

Route 66 sign in Arizona

The ultimate American mode of transport: self-drive If you have "just" a couple of weeks available, then choose one area of the USA and concentrate on exploring and experiencing just that part. If, however, you have more time available, and there is every reason to make such time available, then the USA can offer so much more in the form of a "classic" road trip. Such a road trips can take many forms - limited only by your own imagination or fantasy - your KILROY travel consultant can of course help with advice and tips. The classic road trip from coast-to-coast has always been and continues to be an American phenomenon. Such a self-drive trip offers the ultimate freedom to explore and experience the ever-changing surroundings and landscapes at precisely the tempo you choose. You can of course rent your car through KILROY.

The nature and the National Parks of the USA

Soak up the amazing view of Grand Canyon

Even though the USA has something of everything, not least the friendly inhabitants and a unique atmosphere, roughly speaking there are two main "attractions". One are the exciting towns and cities, the other are the national parks and nature. As far as National Parks in USA are concerned there is an almost endless variety to choose from: Yellowstone's mountains, prairies and wildlife; the Grand Canyon's immense grandeur and beauty; Yosemite's granite cliffs, wilderness and redwoods; the Everglades' swamps, alligators and lush plant life; northern California's immense redwood trees; and the breath-taking coastlines of Acadia and Cape Cod. These are just a small selection! Explore the national parks on your own or join an adventure tour in the US with other young people from all over the world.

Cities for every taste

The Manhattan skyline in New York

For cultural diversity the USA stands behind no one. In addition to the world's number 1 city, New York, which will always exceed all expectations and descriptions; there is the liberal and artistic San Francisco, stylish Boston, dynamic Chicago, and sunny Miami. Then of course there is the music city above all others Seattle; or the gangsta' and celebrity mecca Los Angeles. If you want a pleasant surprise then try Minneapolis or New Orleans.

Spring, summer, autumn, winter?

USA is a country for all seasons. Great travelling can be done here all year round. The summers, in most parts of the country, are sunny and warm, in some areas too warm, but in others it is definitely the best time to visit e.g. the beaches at Cape Cod, Long Island, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket. Not surprisingly, the prices during the summer are often much higher in precisely these areas.

Visit the beautiful Cape Cod

For many reasons, not least if one wants to experience as much of the country as possible, then it is recommended to travel during spring or autumn. During these seasons the temperatures are generally more comfortable in most areas. The autumn, or fall, landscape especially in the north eastern corner - New England and the surrounding area - is extremely beautiful thanks to the red, orange and gold colours of the trees.

The temperatures in the mid west, prairies and desert states are also more comfortable during these seasons. Other areas such as the Rocky Mountains, the Gulf of Mexico and California are all equally as beautiful and much less crowded during spring and autumn. Winter can also be a great time to visit, but for very different reasons e.g. Florida offers warm and comfortable temperatures, the Rocky Mountains offer sublime skiing on perfect powder. There are without a doubt many reasons to visit the USA. If one is looking for something very different then one could try the fantastic, deserted, wilderness of Alaska or the surf and volcanoes of the island state of Hawaii.

Study abroad in USA

For centuries adventure seeking people from around the world have sought out the USA with just their hopes and dreams for luggage. USA is Hollywood, McDonalds, pop culture and so much more. American education establishments maintain very high standards and during your free time you could participate in your favourite sport or hobby. In the USA you'll have more opportunity to show who you really are and greater freedom of choice than anywhere else in the world. Read more about study abroad in USA and how KILROY can help you get there.

Education and study tours to USA

Did you know that KILROY can also help organise your study tour to USA? Read on to learn more about how we can plan your study trip with the right academic content and interesting study visits in the city of your choice.