Traveling by train is a great way to explore Alaska

Travel to Alaska - Isolated and inspiring

Alaska in the northwest corner of North America is one of the least explored and most isolated places on Earth. The nature is incredibly beautiful, the silence striking and the air is wonderfully clean. Buy the trip of a lifetime to Alaska with KILROY!

Alaska - an isolated wonder

You have to at least once in your life travel to Alaska and experience the America's northernmost state impressive, magnificent scenery. You will experience immense glaciers, snow-covered mountains, rivers filled with tasty salmon, crystal clear mountain lakes and incredible fjords and canyons - and with a little luck one of the area's big brown bears. The possibilities are endless, especially if you like trekking, fishing and canoeing or kayaking.

The adventure in Alaska begins in Anchorage

Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska (200,000 inhabitants), and this is where many travelers start their journey in Alaska. Although the city is located in the southern part of Alaska, its - as everywhere in the state - almost always cold; even on the hottest summer days the temperatures rarely exceed 20 degrees. Winter temperatures are always negative and it is dark 24 hours a day, when winter is at its peak - and just like in Northern Norway completely reversed in the summer with 24 hours of daylight.


Anchorage is Alaska's main port in terms of tourism and trade, and the fishing boats bring in the best and most tasty crab meat. Just try a plate 'King Crab legs' at one of the city's great restaurants, and you will immediately agree.

Alaska Capital: Juneau

Juneau is also located in the southern part of Alaska, and although it's the capital, only about 30,000 people live here. The town is an old gold mining town in perfect western style. The town lies at the Gastineau Channel and is surrounded by tall, glacier-filled mountains. In the summer months the town comes alive with crowded cruise boats in the harbor and a number of festivals and cultural events.

Alaska's national parks

Alaska is first and foremost stunning scenery and amazing national parks. A trip to Alaska is not complete without a visit to one or more of these. Go trekking in the wild Wrangell-St. Elias National Park or try your hand at ice climbing on Kennicott Glacier. An experience out of the ordinary. Such a trip and many other adrenaline-inducing adventures can be arranged in many places in Alaska or you can experience it as part of one of our adventure tours.


Alaska also offers North America's tallest mountain, Mount McKinley, which is part of the famous mountain range of the Rocky Mountains and is located in Denali National Park. You may be lucky enough to spot moose or mountain goats, or perhaps even one of the famous, big grizzly bears, which are among the area's most fascinating residents. These same areas also invite to kayaking, mountain biking and other activities.

Seward - Alaska seen from the ocean

In the port town of Seward, one should not miss out on going on a boat trip with good chances of seeing many cool animals; whales, sharks, sea lions and otters. In the neighboring town of Homer you should try deep sea fishing.

Traveling around Alaska

Alaska's railways are good and the best way to get around, while enjoying the pleasure of the dazzling views of magnificent scenery along the way. There are also a number of bus routes along the Seward Highway, but these are closed in winter.

Another good option is to rent a car or a campervan and drive around on your own in Alaska, possibly combined with parts of Canada and the rest of the United States. KILROY can help you with this. We can also help you with booking of hotels and hostels in Alaska and the rest of North America.

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