Visit the home of Coca-Cola and CNN; Atlanta

Travel to Atlanta - Southern charm

Atlanta, in the southern part of the United States, gives you a good impression of the American South. The city is the capital of Georgia and perhaps most famous for being home to the world-famous broadcaster CNN and Coca Cola. Book your trip to Atlanta with KILROY.

A lot of travelers will begin their trip in the great city of Atlanta. The city has one of the largest and most important airports in the US. But there is no reason to simply use this city as a springboard for traveling; the city itself has a lot to offer.

Atlanta's many options

Atlanta is a large city with many options of accommodation, shopping and nightlife - there is something for all budgets. In Little Five Points you can visit small, charming shops, great bars and restaurants. The neighborhood can be described as a cross between Greenwich Village in New York and the French Quarter in New Orleans. Altogether Atlanta is a great southern experience.

Shopping and nightlife in Atlanta

There are lots of bargains to be made in Buckhead, an area with lots of luxury boutiques and large shopping centers where you can really go on a shopping spree.

Relax with a drink in the city's Botanical Gardens and get ready for the evening - many choices between sweaty jazz clubs, cool bars and trendy nightclubs. Atlanta really has something for everyone.

Atlanta's biggest celebrity: Coca Cola

There is one thing in particular, many people associate with Atlanta; it was here that the world's most famous soft drink came into the world. It was the pharmacist John Pemberton Smyth that on May 8, 1886 for the first time produced the later so popular beverage. In 1895 Coca Cola was available throughout the United States and in 1929 it reached Europe. And yes, today there is probably no place on Earth where you do not know what Coca Cola is.

Of course there is a Coca Cola museum in Atlanta. It's called the World of Coca Cola and it's located on Baker Street 121. Here, you can get a closer insight into the history and developments of this giant and world famous brand since the first bottle of Coca Cola unveiled.

And secondly: CNN

On a trip to Atlanta, it is also natural to become acquainted with the world's most famous TV station: CNN. This globally-ranging news channel was founded in 1980, where it still has its headquarters. You can go on behind-the-scenes tours of the TV station.

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