Boston is where the US meets Europe

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Boston on the American northeast coast is a city influenced by Europe in many ways. The city has fascinating and exciting contrasts, memories from decisive and dramatic events in American history and lots of beautiful buildings and quaint neighborhoods. Book your trip to Boston with KILROY!

B is for Boston, baseball, beers and brains

It is a rather bad year for Boston citizens if their beloved Red Sox do not reach the World Series playoffs in baseball every year in October. When they succeed, drinking beer and soaking up the atmosphere at the cozy, wood-ornamented pubs while cheering on the local heroes is an awesome experience. You can also drop by Fenway Park, where the team since 1912 has played its matches, and watch a live game.

Boston is much more than beer and sweaty bodies, however. The city is known for its intellectual, academic and literary character, thanks to the world-famous university Harvard in the suburb of Cambridge. And a Boston visit is not complete until you have strolled around among playful squirrels at the campus of this historic university. Actually, Boston has more than 50 different universities and colleges, some more famous than others. This means that the city is also full of young people and students.


Freedom Trail

The bloody road to freedom is depicted by a red line throughout most of Boston. It's tempting to let this red line symbolize all the blood that flowed in the years around the Revolutionary War here in the Northeastern United States. If you follow the line and remember to look up, you will experience a number of the most significant monuments and sites linked to the Revolutionary War. This interesting walk through Boston is called The Freedom Trail. How often have you heard about the 4th of July and the Revolutionary War?


Opposites meet

The Freedom Trail begins in Boston Common, a very beautiful park in the heart of Boston. Starting this dramatic tour in this lovely park is symptomatic of Boston; the city is in fact the place where opposites meet in several ways. There are cozy neighborhoods with typical brownstone houses not far from the skyscrapers in the financial center. Neat and well-kept shopping streets - Newbury Street is recommended - in perfect harmony with the raw, industrial look that also characterizes city.

Thanks to its location on the Atlantic coast Boston has since the 1800s received hundreds of immigrants from Europe, and especially the Irish and Italians have over the years made their mark on the city. Hence the many cozy Irish pubs and good Italian restaurants.

Whale watching

There is also plenty of natural beauty to see in and around Boston. The city's location on the Atlantic coast makes it an ideal base for excursions to the dunes and beaches on the peninsula of Cape Cod and the beautiful islands of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. Just west of the city are lots of beautiful forests and lakes. And don't forget to go on one of the exciting whale watching tours that depart daily from the city harbor from April to October. It is almost guaranteed that you will get close to one of the huge whales that are in the area every summer.

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