Road trip in California

Road trip in California - Pacific Highway

Scenic coastal drives, beautiful national parks, big cities, lush forests, scorching deserts, iconic freeways, and miles and miles of open roads. California is the perfect location for a road trip in the US! Book your car with us and get 24-hour free car rental with Alamo - more info below!

If you have ever dreamt of a classic American road trip, we recommend starting it in sunny California. On a road trip in California you get the ultimate freedom to choose where and when to go. With this page, we hope to make planning a road trip in California a little bit easier:

  1. Where to go?
  2. What to drive?
  3. What to remember?

1. Ideas for a road trip in California

Road trip in California

It can be difficult to decide where to go on a road trip in California. Therefore, we have gathered a list of the most popular road trip itineraries in California. Visit the itineraries to read more about the suggested stops along the way.

When you have decided where to go, you need to decide what to drive. Do you want the classic convertible, an air-conditioned SUV or maybe your own unique campervan?

2. Car rental in California

We offer 24-hours of free car rental in California with our partner Alamo if you book your car with us. To get the discount get in touch with one of our travel specialists. Note: This discount is only available when booking offline.

You can also book your car online right here. KILROY & Alamo offer good deals for everyone - and there are especially good conditions for youth and students. Choose between the different car sizes, select your preferred rental period, and consider the most convenient pickup and dropoff locations. It's as simple as that! If you have any problems finding the car you are looking for, our travel advisors are always happy to help. If you would rather drive a campervan - continue on to the next section.

Car rental

Once you arrive in California, you just head to the pickup location and hit the open road. Check out the short movie above for more details!

Campervan in California

Campervan BBQ at Night

A campervan is your home on the road. It gives you even more freedom to change plans along the way and if you get tired, you can always just pull over for a quick nap in the back of the campervan. In a campervan, you also have simple kitchen facilities with a sink, a stove, and a fridge to cool your food and drinks.

For a bit more luxury, we also offer motorhomes in various sizes. In addition to the facilities provided in a campervan, they offer a "real" kitchen, toilet, shower, beds, and extra luggage space.

3. Tips for the perfect road trip in California

California Highway

Going on a road trip in California is an amazing experience, but it can also be overwhelming if it is the first time you venture out on the roads and highways of California. Therefore, we have gathered a few tips for you to help you avoid some of the common stress factors:

  • Highways and toll roads in California

Driving on a 7-lane highway is a drastic change from your local country roads and the sheer amount of signs can be enough to give an experienced driver cold feet. However, you will find that traffic flows like everywhere else - there are just more cars. Follow the rules of the road and you will be just fine.

Note that some of the highways are toll roads meaning you have to pay a small fee to use them. These fees are paid at toll boths when entering and exiting the highways, but also along the way if you drive longer stretches.

  • Carpool lanes in California

Many highways offer carpool or HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lanes to give extra space to those traveling together and to benefit the environment. Usually this means that you can use the lanes if you are more two or more people in the car. That way you can bypass a lot of the heavy traffic and wave at all the single drivers.

  • Bring a GPS

A GPS will become your friend on a road trip in California. It is your key to the maze of roads and highways, and it will often give you updates on the current traffic situation, road works etc. You can request to rent a GPS along with your car or campervan when you enquire.

By now you should be all set for your road trip in California. What are you waiting for? Contact us today to help you plan the road trip of your dreams!

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