It is easy to understand why Florida is named the "Sunshine State"

Travel to Florida - The sunshine state

It is easy to understand why Florida is known as the Sunshine State; the climate is warm all year round. However, this corner of the United States has many other attractions like sandy beaches, wild nature and plenty of entertainment. Book your trip to Florida with KILROY!

The sunshine state is one of the best backpacking destinations in the US and is best experienced 'on the road', behind the wheel. This way you get the ultimate freedom to explore this great and fascinating state. 

The summer is hot, and the winter is decent. And then here's something for everyone - for the adventurous backpacker and for families with children. And the nightlife in Miami is 'one of a kind'!

Florida's beaches and swamps

A trip to Florida usually contains a trip to two of the state's main attractions: beaches and swamps. Head to South Beach near Miami and Palm Beach, for the most famous ones.

What swamps are concerned, it is first and foremost the famous Everglades National Park, which is high on the list of places to see in Florida. Everglades is a huge subtropical swamp southwest of Miami, and here you can go hiking or cycling at Shark Valley, or do as the majority do: take a boat trip in the swamps, while spot alligators, flamingos and other fascinating birds.

Usa Florida Everglades Airboat Swamp

Orlando: Disney World, Universal Studios and space ships

Orlando is, along with Miami, Florida's most popular city for tourists and backpackers, even though the state capital is Tallahassee and the largest city - with the exception of the suburbs - is Jacksonville. But Orlando is usually a main destination since it contains the major theme and amusement parks; Universal Studios and Disney World. You need a whole day in each park to get the most out of them, and you have the opportunity to get discounts if you plan to visit several of them - ask at the entrance. Other popular entertainment parks are Island of Adventure, Busch Gardens and Silver Springs.

In the outskirts of Orlando, about 1 hour drive to the east, are the famous Cape Canaveral, whose fame is mainly due to the Kennedy Space Center, where the United States and NASA's facilities are located.


Florida's many faces

A trip around Florida is also a meeting with the many different faces. And you realize that Florida is largely characterized by Latin American and Cuban influences. The state has many migrants from Cuba, the Caribbean and Central America, thanks to its location.

Travel around Florida

Miami is undoubtly Florida's most famous and popular city. Therefore, we have dedicated an entire page to this city, which you can read here. We recommend that you start the tour of Florida in Miami and end it in Orlando - or vice versa. Most airlines offer tickets where one can travel to one city and return from another. You can also do a larger trip that includes the cities of Tampa, Jacksonville, Tallahassee and Pensacola to the west, which offers some of the state's best beaches.

As mentioned, the best way to travel around Florida is to rent a car - this way you decide the pace and where you want to stop. What accommodation is concerned, there are plenty of motels, hotels and hostels all over the state. An alternative is to stay overnight in a tent, as there are plenty of camping spots.


The end of the road

End your journey in Florida at 'end of the road': Florida Keys. These islands are located south of Miami and is the southernmost point in the United States. The islands are connected to the mainland by a couple of bridges, and the place is simply fantastic; beautiful beaches, rich marine life not to mention lots of partying after dark, especially on the famous Key West.

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