Pier with a beautiful sunset in the background at Miami beach.

Travel to Miami - A world of colors

There is something very elegant, warm and easy about Miami. At the same time, it has eclectic, lively and inspiring ethnic neighborhoods filled with an infectious feeling of zest and 'larger than life' personalities. Yes, Miami is certainly a fascinating, seductive pot of the very best that life has to offer. Buy your travel to Miami with KILROY.

Miami was recently named one of USA's cleanest cities. There's an obvious reason why: EVERYTHING is clean - the air, water, streets. It also has large, green park facilities and an excellent recycling program. All this put together gives one the impression that Miami is a well-kept, inviting and clean city.

Tropical feel

In many ways, Miami is the perfect city. Not only does it have a clean façade, the city also has all the blessings and pleasures your heart could desire. First of all, the climate is always warm, although in the summer, the weather can be unbearably hot and humid. Once in a while, the city experiences intense and fascinating thunderstorms - mostly during the summer, which is also the rainy season - and in this way, the city gets an almost Caribbean-like feeling; a touch of the tropics. This tropical feeling is heightened even more if you visit the alligator-filled swamps located just west of the city, the Everglades. This is an absolute must-see for all visitors to Miami. If you're looking for adventure, then take a trip out here - you really get value for your money.

Miami Beach, Miami Vice and Miami's diversity

There is an abundance of sun-loving, life-enjoying, charming and elegant people throughout the city. It is no exaggeration to say that Miami is one of those places that is worth visiting just for its people alone. The Miami Beach area is well known for having all kinds of interesting types of people and is a great place to just sit and people-watch. You haven't visited Miami unless you've hung out on the excellent beaches and sat in the lively outdoor cafes in this part of town.

Down by the waterfront is a special place that you shouldn't pass up. If you're a fan of nostalgia (in particular, a fan of the 80s series Miami Vice), then a visit to Jimbo's is highly recommended. Jimbo's is a small, secluded area just opposite the city's huge - and excellent - Seaquarium. At first glance, it seems a little shabby with a few derelict huts here and there. But take a closer look and you'll soon discover that the place has a very special ambiance. The huts actually make up a bar that offers a wonderful atmosphere: kind of a cross between a trailer park and a camping ground! The locals will take kindly to you, and there is plenty of cold beer and freshly smoked fish. The place is really unique and is a fantastic place to chill out while sitting under the open skies. And yes, it is here, in these strange surroundings, that scenes from Miami Vice were once filmed.

South Beach in Miami


Miami has so much more to offer, including its charming, diverse neighborhoods: Cuban, Argentinan and Haitian - full of life, colors and scents. Especially Little Havana, in the Cuban neighborhood, is worth a visit. In addition, there is the fashionable Lincoln Road Mall, a pedestrian street in South Beach full of top class shopping and plenty of stylish Miami citizens. Don't forget the nightlife in Miami. It's second to none and has all the glitter and glamour that you would expect. There are bars and nightclubs to suit each and every taste.

The beauty of Miami

In terms of architecture, Miami is a charming mix of mile-high skyscrapers (the city has the U.S.'s third highest skyline which is constantly growing) and extremely beautiful and charming houses in pastel colors in the wonderful Art Deco style. The city's South Beach area even offers a whole neighborhood of such houses, known as the Art Deco Historic District. Who knew that houses could be so beautiful?

Outside Miami

Once you've had enough of houses, there are several places just outside of Miami that you should check out. Two places in particular should be highlighted: the beautiful, tiny island of Key Biscayne with its peace, serenity and beautiful beaches, and its exact opposite - The Venetian Pool. The Venetian is a unique historical treasure that is famous for being the "world's most beautiful swimming hole", and it also has waterfalls, corals, underwater caves, a palm tree-island and so much more to please the eye. It's bombastic and large (very typical American), but also incredibly beautiful and fascinating. A dip in the pool here is not the worst thing you can do in Miami.

Education and study tours to Miami

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