New England

New England is a special place in the US

Travel to New England - Northeastern US

In the northeast corner of the United States you'll find the region of New England, made up of six states. Here, you find some of the most beautiful and impressive scenery, a pair of cool cities and great sense of history. Travel to New England with KILROY!

It was in the northeastern part of United States, it all began. The nation was born here. Yes, here in New England the American people experienced the famous independence wars, and today the area reeks of this national history (especially great city of Boston).

Nature, culture and history of New England

A trip to New England is not just a historical journey. It is also a journey through amazing landscapes and exciting cities with lots of cultural highlights. Especially in the fall, this area is incredibly beautiful when the trees and forests are dressed in the most beautiful autumn colors: red, yellow and brown. This part of the United States is world famous for just that, and there are not many other places in the country that is so beautiful in the fall.

The New England states are Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts, and it is highly recommend to plan a roadtrip and go through them all.


Bed & Breakfast in New England

A journey in the New England region is not complete without staying at one of the many cozy Bed & Breakfasts. The area is full of magnificent old houses in Victorian style, making a virtue of offering accommodation and breakfast in a welcoming, charming setting. Stayin in an inn is one of our best recommendations when it comes to traveling in New England, and especially in the hilly terrains in the states of Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

New England - highlights of the tour

New England is a large area that deserves several weeks to explore, making it difficult to pinpoint a few highlights, but nevertheless, here's a few of them:

Don't miss out on a visit to the region's number 1 city, Boston, Massachusetts, just off the Atlantic coast. And while we're at it, you should also go to Cape Cod with its many beautiful sandy beaches and quaint seaside towns, about an hour's drive from Boston. Also, the islands of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard off the coast has our warmest recommendations.


In the Boston suburb of Cambridge, you'll find the famous Harvard University, which is a great historical place to wander around.

Further north, in the state of Maine, you will find some of the most dramatic and impressive stretches of coastline in the United States. A drive on these areas should include the town Kennebunkport and why not head up to New England's only national park, Acadia National Park? This natural park is certainly very beautiful, with good opportunities for hiking and biking.

In New Hampshire and Vermont you'll will find lots of quaint little towns hidden in the forests and mountains, and you have to stroll around and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, that these cities oozes. Connecticut and Rhode Island, America's smallest state, has good beaches and picturesque villages with typical wooden houses.

This was just a small selection of possibilities and sights on a trip to New England. It would be a good idea to combine it with a visit to New York. Whatever you choose, there is no doubt that this part of the United States will fascinate you. New England is a place you will want to return to.

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