New York

View of Manhattan in New York.

Travel to New York - The greatest city in the world

Expect the extreme when you visit the world's #1 city.  New York offers so many opportunities and has so many exciting neighborhoods that you wish you didn't have to spend time sleeping. New York is a city that never sleeps, so you can go shopping at 11 PM and head out to the disco at 10 AM. Book your trip to New York with KILROY!

When traveling to New York, the world's most famous metropolis nicknamed the Big Apple, and don't really know which bite of this huge, amazing apple, you must take first, you can take a proper look at Manhattan's many long avenues.  These are filled with classic diners, where you can start the day in true New York-style with lots of eggs, bacon, sausages and pancakes. Afterwards, you could take the subway to Manhattan's south end, where The Financial District is a good place to observe the busy stockbrokers, fashionable businesswomen and the many limousines, alongside hotdog and coffee stands.

A few blocks away from here is the World Trade Center site - formerly known as Ground Zero - the space where the original World Trade Center once stood before it was hit in the September 11, 2001 attacks. You get a chill through your body when you stand here amongst the many New Yorkers who daily commemorate and remember the dead, whose names are written on large boards. Today, you find the new World Trade Center buildings on the site.

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Oh so Soho

Let your adventure in New York take you a little north, to Soho and Greenwich Village, which have a very relaxed and cozy bohemian flavor. Besides the great shops, there are lots of cobbled streets, small parks and a terrific art and university community, thanks to New York University and the many galleries.  A perfect place to experience the local atmosphere is Fanelli's Cafe on the corner of Prince and Mercer Street. 

Hip Lower East Side and East Village

Your trip to New York must also include a visit to the Lower East Side and East Village.  These two neighborhoods in Manhattan are the places for those seeking something raw, edgy and cool.  There are plenty of chic second-hand and retail shops, nightclubs and music venues, and especially the immortal punk culture.  There is always something going on, always something for the eyes and senses: at one place you'll find a bar that only makes French fries (talk about some great fries!), at another place, you will find people stand in long queues at 1 a.m. in front of one of Manhattan's many tempting bakeries with the most irresistible pastries. 

Upper Manhattan

There is of course the madness of neon signs and giant stores in Times Square and the view from the Empire State Building, but otherwise your experience in upper Manhattan must include spending a Sunday in Central Park, where all New Yorkers come to just hang out on the grass, run around the big lakes, play baseball and eat hot dogs. It is the epitome of Sunday in New York.

Central Park in New York


Start the day in Harlem, north of Central Park.  On Sunday mornings, families head out to church services in one of the many places of worship, and you are very welcome as a guest.  Try the friendly Canaan Baptist Church, which smacks of gospel songs and good vibrations. 

East of Central Park, on the Upper East Side, is where you find the beautiful, fashionable and expensive New York. This is where you find all the expensive brands, and yes, this is also where the girls in 'Sex And The City' shop.  Just south of famous Fifth Avenue, you should visit Abercrombie & Fitch.  It is four stories tall, as dark and secret as the night and with loud techno music in the air.  Madness! It's a disco as well as a clothes shop! 

Brooklyn: the famous and the creative

Just across the East River from Manhattan (take the walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, the view is phenomenal) is Brooklyn, which has become the place for the young and creative.  In particular, the Williamsburg neighborhood is bubbling with creativity, with galleries, second-hand clothing stores, bars, music venues and ultra-cool, young locals who wear the right clothes in just the right way.  This is where you can either find your inner hip New York and do as the locals, or realize that there is a reason why you do not live here. 

Check out downtown Brooklyn, too, especially Smith Street, one of New York's coziest streets. There's a very relaxed atmosphere, friendly locals and an abundance of cool boutiques and cozy cafes and restaurants.  Try Bar Tabac, where you might get a glimpse of one of the many celebrities who live in the area. 

And New York is also this, by the way... 

Basketball at Madison Square Garden, the Guggenheim and other museums worthy of international status, the Staten Island ferry (free!) and the Statue of Liberty, the endless rows of yellow taxis and ... 

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