You'll fin plenty of kangaroos in Australia.

Travelling to Oceania - Go Down Under!

When you travel with KILROY to Oceania - Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific Islands - you're guaranteed the best prices and advice. The region offers coral reefs, deserts, mountains, bounty beaches, volcanoes, glaciers and much, much more. Travel to Oceania with KILROY!

Fast forward to popular destinations in Oceania:

Many associate Oceania with Australia, which is natural as it makes up the biggest land area in the region. However, Oceania has a lot more to offer and there are endless adventures waiting for you. Whether you are into partying for 3 months with other backpackers in Australia or New Zealand or prefer the more quiet experience on a desolate island paradise, Oceania is the place to go.

Outback, reefs and urban life in Oceania

In Australia, you can travel for days in the fascinating and remote Outback without meeting another human being, yet you can also live the city life in one of the pulsating metropolises of Sydney or Melbourne that have everything a major city has to offer. You can also dive on one of the thousands of coral reefs that make up the Great Barrier Reef; surf on one of the fantastic beaches; or explore the wild nature that is so distinct and unique to this enormous country. 

Milford Sound in New Zealand

Oceania has it all when it comes to climate and nature. Australia's neighbour, New Zealand, offers glaciers and alpine ski areas in the country's southern part, whilst in the northern part there are fantastic beaches and lush fertile forests. Further out in the Pacific, on Fiji or one of the other many paradise islands, you will be blown away by sheer number of the unbelievably beautiful beaches, colourful coral reefs and fish that inhabit them just a few meters from the shore. No one should deny themselves a trip to some of these fantastic Pacific Islands, which are just like paradise.    

Meet the friendly locals in Oceania

Possibly the biggest attraction of this fascinating continent are its inhabitants. Nearly everywhere you go in Oceania you'll meet friendly, happy people, with a characteristic "laid back" attitude to life. One quickly feels relaxed and in good company here, adopting the "laid back" attitude and beginning to live as one of the locals. A great way to experience Australia or New Zealand is to participate in a so-called "Working Holiday" programme, which allows you to work, earn money and experience the country and its inhabitants in a totally different way.  

Travelling to Oceania

KILROY offers cheap flights to Oceania for all (with even bigger discounts for youth and students!). You can travel to Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific Islands via Asia, North or South America or even Africa for that matter. Many destinations in the region can be included as part of an round-the-world ticket or another itinerary that permits multiple stops. Ask your KILROY consultant for more details - it is often cheaper than one thinks. Students and young people have an additional advantage in that the dates or stops permitted on their tickets can often be changed at little or no extra cost. We always aim for maximum flexibility, at a minimum price, even for destinations Down Under.

Getting around in Oceania

Road sign in Australia

Adventure tours are an excellent way of travelling around the continent - you'll be taken to the best and most adventurous places by an experienced guide; have the opportunity to meet like-minded travellers; and make new friends. This form of travel is great value for money, and gives great peace of mind, as both the tour and many of the activities can be paid for in advance before you even leave home. KILROY offers loads of different adventure tours in the region. Just ask your travel consultant for more info.

Distances in Oceania are HUGE so another inexpensive way of getting about, whether it is within the same country or island hopping around the Pacific, is to buy an "airpass" from KILROY.

For travelling around Australia and New Zealand we highly recommend purchasing a bus pass. The buses cover pretty much all the country and can take you to some of the most out-of-the-way places. If you're after a little more freedom or independence you could buy a car - the most flexible form of budget travel in Australia and New Zealand. You'll just need to get used to driving on the "wrong" side of the road. Alternatively, and for a little more peace of mind, you could rent a car or campervan from KILROY - we have the cheapest and most flexible solutions.

Accommodation in Oceania

Wake up! hostel in Sydney

Good, affordable hostels can be found everywhere in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. Although in the Pacific Islands you're just as likely to find really cosy, family run hotels and bungalows. Our travel consultants know all the best places and can help guide you there. We can help with booking all the accommodation you may require, whether it is for one night or for your entire trip. As a minimum we would strongly recommend booking at least the first night or two in the first country/city you arrive in. In this way you avoid all the hassle of finding somewhere to stay when you arrive tired and exhausted after a long flight.

Price levels in Oceania

Accommodation and prices are generally lower than in Europe. Some locations are of course cheaper than others! The quality of service, accommodation and food is also generally good. 

When should you travel to Oceania?

Oceania is a year round destination although remember the summer months Down Under are from November to February and the further south you travel the cooler it gets! The more equatorial areas can also be prone to monsoons and local weather patterns that make the weather a little more unpredictable.

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