Fitness in Australia

Fitness camp in Australia

Australia is a backpackers paradise. Young people from around the world come to Australia to experience this amazing destination and meet other people and travellers.

This is also what happens when you join a fitness camp in Australia. Social activities are in focus and you will easily meet lots of other young people who, like you, love to be active during their journey. In addition, our fitness camps in Australia have great instructors who ensures the best outcome of your stay.

Combine fitness camp with surf camp in Sydney

If fitness is not enough for you, then we recommend a combination with one of our surf camps in Sydney. Go on a cool road trip down the beautiful East Coast of Australia between Byron Bay and Sydney. 


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Fitness camp down underKayaking is an optional activity while at the fitness camp.

Mojo Australia Fitness Surfing ParadeMake sure you also try out surfing in Australia. Surfing requires quite a fitness level to become successful.