Flights to Australia

Going to Australia? Save time and money by booking your ticket to Australia online or contact our travel consultants for a customized offer if you are going backpacking or planning a Working Holiday adventure in Australia.

Flight tickets to Australia can vary quite a bit in price, so try being flexible with the travel date.

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Youth and student tickets to Australia

For ISIC card holders, we have special flight tickets with major international airlines to Australia. Youth and student tickets are often cheaper than regular tickets with similar conditions and benefits. 

Benefits of youth and student tickets:

  • Validity of 12 months or even longer
  • Flexibility to change your travel dates
  • Cheap or free stopovers on the route
  • Cheaper one-way tickets campared to regular tickets
  • Advanced single journey combinations

How to book youth and student tickets to Australia

Youth and student tickets are available for online booking, however, only as return fares or one-way fares. For backpacker trips, Working Holiday, gap year travel, study abroad and internships, we kindly ask you to contact our travel experts.