Travel to Hobart and admire the beautiful scenery

Travel to Hobart - beautiful scenery and impactful history awaits

When planning your trip to Australia, make sure Tasmania and Hobart are on your list. If you find the mainland Australians to be friendly and welcoming, you'll love the openness of the Tasmanian residents.

Hobart is the state capital of Tasmania and yet another highlight of Australia's south-east coast. Travel to Hobart and get a combination of historical allure and a range of nightlife- festival-, and dining experiences. Hobart is the country's second oldest city, and elegantly positioned between the mighty Mount Wellington and the ocean, which serves you a variety of scenery. If you desire a day at the beach, we recommend a trip to the beautiful Seven Mile Beach, situated not far from the airport. 

Travel to Hobart - Experience Port Arthur

When traveling through the southern part of the island, you should also make a visit to Port Arthur, a historical site taking you back in time to when the British convicts first arrived and settled in Australia. You might be left heavyhearted yet fascinated by the events that took place back in the 1830's and -40's, but you're certain to get affected by the brutal remains of a former penal settlement colony.  

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