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Travel to Perth - Australia's secluded city

Perth is the capital of Western Australia, which is both the biggest and emptiest state in the country. As the world's most isolated "big city", very few tourists make it here. This is good news for you, since you will have a lot of room to explore this precious gem! The city is blessed by a clear blue sky and a wonderfully dry climate - the perfect conditions for a lovely holiday down under!

A big city at the end of the world

When you step onto Perth’s soil, it's like arriving at the end of the world. If you arrive to this beautiful city by overland travel, you will truly realize how far away it is from other citites of its size. After traveling around the rest of Western Australia, you will almost forget how it feels to move around in a big city. Perth is, therefore, a beautiful oasis in in this large, open territory.

Luckily, it's not difficult to live well and enjoy yourself in Perth. Perth's atmosphere is a lovely combination of an almost village-like atmosphere and a constantly growing, sophisticated, and exciting big city. Perth is a nice, inviting and modern city, but still very much it’s own. It doesn’t have an opera house or similar landmarks, but its blue skies, green parks, nice streets, friendly people, and relaxed atmosphere create a unique and irresistable appeal. Perth is the kind of city that makes you want to live in it, so watch out!

Swan River, Kings Park and Hay Street

The Swan River, named after the area's native black swans, runs through Perth. Close to the river's banks lie a number of inviting parks, where locals and travelers alike rest on the lush grass and bask in the sun. The city’s most famous park, King's Park, is located close to the business district in the western part of the city. At this park, you will find grassy fields, botanical gardens, and real bushland on Mount Eliza, from where there is a terrific view of Perth skyline.

Downtown, Hay Street and Murray Street have the most to offer in terms of shopping and entertainment. This area has a very lively and vibrant nightlife with plenty of cool bars, cafés, and restaurants.

Water and wine

These two W's, water and wine, are very characteristic of Perth. The city’s proximity to the Indian Ocean makes it a perfect beach destination. The neighboring port of Fremantle and Rottnest Island both have really nice beaches too, especially the latter. You should also try a trip further south to Bunbury for dolphin encounters. In this area, wild dolphins come to feed on the beach every morning.

If you are open to venturing further south, near Margaret River, you will find beautiful beaches as well as some of the best vineyards in Australia. Margaret River, as well as other nice places here in the southwestern part of Australia, offer great wine and beaches with fresh, turquoise waters – very tempting for the visitor indeed!

Closer to Perth, in Swan Valley, you’ll find more vineyards perfect for a day trip. You can make multiple stops along the way to try the nice local wines. Take a classic round from the excellent Houghton Wines, one stop that can't be missed.

Aquarium & Art Gallery of Western Australia

There are two particular attractions in Perth that cannot be missed: Aquarium of Western Australia and Art Gallery of Western Australia. The former, located in Hillary's Boat Harbour, is an impressive work of truly colossal engineering. The main attraction is a 98 meter long glass tunnel with marine life everywhere you look. You will see sharks, turtles, stingrays, a variety of fish, and much more. It’s truly fascinating to be surrounded by water and marine life on all sides – just like walking through the sea! This fabulous aquarium is one of the best in the world.

When you’ve had your fill of sealife, you can relax at the brilliant Art Gallery of Western Australia. Among many other things, this museum has one of the best collections of Aboriginal art in Australia. Get a feel for Australia's indigenous population by visiting this exhibit. It's not to be missed, as they say!

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