Bondi Beach in Sydney - a must visit for all travellers

Travels to Sydney - Backpackers capital city

Sydney is the meeting point for backpacker travellers because it’s cheap to travel from there to other destinations of Oceania or to Asia. Sydney is also optimal destination for backpackers because you can find a variety of cheap accommodation.

The most popular city of Australia is worth a bunch of superlatives. The charisma of the city is there, it’s both beautiful and also full of surprises. The Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge are impressive and the harbour of Sydney is amazing and lively. If you want to have an exciting experience to begin your Australia trip with, book yourself one of those tours where they climb on top of the Harbour Bridge.

Backpacker’s capital city Sydney

Sydney charms with its tolerant atmosphere and a unlimited choice of activities. The city is the meeting point for backpackers because travellers stop there on around the world tour or on their way to Asia or other destinations of Oceania. Sydney is also a perfect destination for shopping you should fill in your backpack with surf brands. With its surroundings, Sydney is like a mini-Australia, you should absolutely visit the Blue Mountains near Sydney and the wild kangaroos living there. In the middle of the city you can encounter Australian wildlife in the Wildlife World and in the Sydney Aquarium: meet safely kangaroos, koalas, wombats, poisonous snakes and spiders as well as sharks, turtles.

The beaches of Sydney

Sydney is perfect for a beach holiday with its many unique beaches for sun lovers and surfers. Bondi Beach is a must experience for all travellers. Big waves and the residential area behind create its own charm to the beach. In a short boat trip distance from Sydney Harbour is located the Manly Beach which competes on the title of the most popular beach of Sydney. Manly’s waves and a long boulevard temptate you to chill out whereas Bondi’s energetic atmosphere is full of oiled bodies and long looks.

Sydney on the cheap

Yes, we know - Australia isn't that cheap in general but Sydney makes the travelling on a budget possible because you can find an endless choice of cheap accommodation, especially in the areas of King’s Cross, Bondi Beach and Darlinghurst. Also bars and restaurant can be found for all wallets, best places for nightlife are around Oxford Street and King’s Cross.

Must sees in Sydney

  • Sydney Opera House Activity: Learn to surf
  • Shopping: Oxford, George & Pitt Streets, must have is all kind of surf gear and clothes Best beach: Bondi Beach
  • You have to taste: Tooheys Beer; also taste Australian wines
  • KILROY tip: Go to Royal National Park near Sydney. It’s a national park situated 45 minutes train ride from Sydney. The nature is very beautiful and you can go swimming on almost deserted beaches.

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