Cook Islands

Local men and their fisherboat

Travel to Cook Islands - isolated Paradise

A trip to Cook Islands is like going to a deserted island far, far away from civilisation. You’ll face 15 islands full of mountains, jungle and white sand. You can do watersports in the bright turquoise water or just lay in a hammock under the palm tree. When travelling to Cook Islands it is recommended not have a tight itinerary but to simply enjoy the moments in PEACE. KILROY will help you arrange your dream trip to Cook Islands.

Cook Islands are underneath New Zealand’s administration. They form an atoll group in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. When you relax on these dream like islands you feel like you have been happily isolated from the rest of the world. Go snorkeling and diving in clear waters or admire the exotic scenery from the back of a horse. Take a hike among the beautiful and lush nature and head to Raemaru, a flattop mountain. Try ika mata if you want to feast. It’s delicious raw tuna with coconut milk and chopped vegetables. You cannot avoid noticing the similarities between Cook Islands and another holiday island group, Hawaii. They are both located on the same longitude and you can hear the sound of ukulele on both islands. The main shared feature is naturally the heavenly image as a vacation destination.


The greatest and biggest island here is Rarotonga, which is also like a capital. It offers both restaurants and entertainment. Here you can find bank services. Get impressed by Maoris culture and especially their dance performances. Try the local’s preferred recreation habits; wake up early on a Sunday morning and go to hear beautiful a capella songs in the churches, which are crowded by people. When the evening turn to night, locals tend to gather by the seafront to watch landing airplanes at midnight. Cheap fun!


The second biggest island Aitutaki hasn’t faced yet a massive tourist wave, although, the island's primary industry is tourism. You can see gigantic trees and the oldest church of Cook Island in Aitutaki. There is a cunning turquoise lagoon in the centre of the island. This is the ultimate top destination. Tapuetai islet in the lagoon provides the most beautiful views to surroundings. There is accommodation from affordable to luxury in Aitutaki.

Getting around

All the international flights arrive to the International Airport of Rarotonga. If you want to travel between the islands, the easiest way is to take a flight with Air Rarotonga, the only domestic airline. The best connections are to Aitutaki with daily flights. You better hire a scooter if you want to explore the island of Rarotonga. It is easy to acess as there is a lot of renting places.

KILROY’s tips

Take notice of a departure fee when you plan your travel budget, since everybody has to pay 55 NZD when departing the islands. The accommodation has to be booked beforehand or your journey may end in the airport - before it has even begun. Please feel free to contact KILROY for more travel tips, affordable hotels, and flights.

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