Eat a coconut straight from the tree.

Travel to Fiji - Paradise for everyone

The bounty islands of Fiji are a paradise and perfect for those who want to swim, snorkel or dive - or just spend their days lazing on the beautiful beaches. Book your trip to Fiji with KILROY.

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Big smiles from the hospitable people of Fiji will greet you upon your arrival. You will be met with the local greeting "Bula!", which will be your new favourite word during your time in Fiji.

The islands of Fiji

On Viti Levu, the largest of the more than 300 islands in the beautiful turquoise archipelago in the southwest Pacific, you find the city of Nadi. From here you can easily explore the island by bus and check out the many beautiful sights. Take the time to also go offshore while on your journey. Visit, for example, the small neighboring island Nananu-in-Ran, just north of Viti Levu. This is a wonderful place - the perfect paradise for those who love life at sea and on shore.

The southern part of Viti Levu is definitely worth exploring. The beaches on the Coral Coast in particular, attract people wanting to snorkel - there is simply no better way to discover the underwater beauty of Fiji than with a mask and snorkel! Once you've done this, then you can properly move on to the next part of your journey: The Yasawa Islands.

Fiji's finest

Reality's aquarium at Yasawa. The small islands of Yasawa can easily be reached by boat from Viti Levu, so it would be an advantage to purchase an island hopping pass through KILROY before your trip to Fiji. The pass is valid for one return journey to the Yasawas and then you can island-hop between resorts and islands as often as you like for the number of days you have chosen. This is total travel freedom.

The scenery of Yasawa is amazing, just absolutely divine. It was here that the Tom Hanks movie, "Castaway", was filmed. Come and encounter a unique world, vibrant and swirling with life, just under the calm surface of the sea: colorful, almost unreal corals everywhere, and the fish, which are just as colorful and fantastic, swimming in the endless shoals. You might even be so lucky as to spot sharks and perhaps whales. Just to make it clear: it is a MUST to go diving in Fiji while you are here. The best spot is at Kadavu Island- a diving paradise of reefs around the island.

Life is kava - a Fiji tradition

You won't be able to leave Fiji without having tasted the Kava! Kava is a local drink made of a plant called, well, Kava. The drink, which looks strange and not very appetizing, is a mixture of root powder and water. Known throughout most of the Pacific, the mix was formerly an important part of rituals. Today it mostly functions as a social element. It's easy to get the Fiji culture and lifestyle under your skin - especially their astonishing ability to live life without the hustle and bustle. Many would argue that they are lazy, but just as many would think that these people live a brilliant and unique life - and there is great danger that you will soon become like them!

Life in Fiji is really wonderful - the sea, sand, sun, people. Who needs more than that?