Yasawa Islands

Arriving to the Yasawa Islands

Yasawa Islands - Your island paradise

The Yasawa Islands is your perfect tropical getaway in Fiji. The green Fijian islands are home to amazing snorkeling and diving with their welcoming crystal blue waters, white beaches, and secluded coves. Get you taste of paradise in the Yasawa Islands!

Why are the Yasawas so awesome?

They offer you a great chance to escape the stress of the big cities and the loud party islands. But this does not mean that the islands are boring or not worth visiting. Did we mention that...

  • You can experience amazing snorkeling and diving in Yasawa Islands?
  • The Yasawa Islands are perfect for backpacking and island hopping?
  • There are great hiking trails and walks on most of the Yasawas?
  • That you can go fishing with the villagers for a true taste of local living?

In addition, the locals are among the friendliest people in the World. They will meet you with their local greeting "bula!" and a big smile on their face. They know the best snorkeling and diving spots, the hidden secrets of the rainforests, and they are not afraid to join a game of beach volleyball. Come night time, they will serve you a nice local meal - perhaps with the fish of the day - and later they are happy to arrange a bonfire.

The Yasawa Flyer catamaran

Getting to Yasawa Islands
The Yasawa Islands are located to the north west of Fiji's main island, Viti Levu. They are most commonly reached via boat, but if you have money to spend you also charter a seaplane. The best option is the easily recognisable Yasawa Flyer - a catamaran painted in bright yellow colours - which takes you from Nadi on the main island to the island of your choice. The closest island is about 3 hours from Nadi, but getting to the furthest island, Yasawa Island itself, will take a lot longer due to the many stops along the way. On the way to the Yasawa Islands you will pass the Mamanuca Islands, which also have a number of islands that you can stop off at. These are included in most our island hopping passes.

Fun facts about the Yasawa Islands

  • The Yasawas were first discovered in 1789 by William Bligh - one of the mutineers from the HMS Bounty
  • The movie "The Blue Lagoon" (1980) was filmed in the Yasawas
  • The avg. temperature is 25C The average water temperature is 25.5C!
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