Yasawa Islands

Diving the Yasawa Islands

It is such a pity if you will only explore the mainland of the Yasawa Islands. The crystal clear water deserves some exploration with your scubagear. You will not only explore pristine coral gardens, but also see marine life such as manta rays, eagle rays and reefsharks. 

Mantarays at the Yasawas

Diving at the Yasawas is possible throughout the year, but in between May and October mantarays can be seen at the Yasawas. The manta's visit cleaning stations (where fish come and eat parasites and clean wounds - like a spa!) and find food. Book the divecourse at KILROY and get access to the housereef at the resort where divers have seen up to 13 manta's at the same time. Don't miss the opportunity to dive with one of the most elegant and beautiful marine animals in the world.

Diving at the Yasawas: the conditions

The diving at the Yasawa Islands is known for it's extreme good visibility and the pleasant watertemperature. There are plenty of divesites for all divers. The divesites you will dive depend on currents, the weather and the tides.  

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The divesites of the Yasawas

Discover this amazing underwaterworld when you are getting PADI certified in Fiji. Or book a few fundives after your course to see even more great stuff! At Fiji you will visit the most amazing divesites: 

Barrel Head: You will hardly find any currents and you will share the divesite with grey reef sharks and the odd turtle.

Black Rock Coral Garden: This one is a must if you visit the Yasawas. There is a lot to see at this divesite, like schools of colourful fish, white tip reef sharks, moray eals, colourchanging octopus and big napoleon wrasse.

Sawa-I-Lau Island: This divesite is named after a little island of the Yasawas. This divesite is famous not because of the underwaterlife you find here, but because of the ancient art you will find in the underwatercaves.

Nova Wall: This is a superfun divesite for some driftdiving. Not only the divers enjoy it, but also moray eels, turtles and eagle rays will join the drift.

The Blue Room: This divesite is made up out of a volcanic wall. Because of it's depth it is likely to bump into bumpheaded parrotfish, or your dinner for the night like wahu, mackeral and tuna.

Caves of Babylon: This divesite is magic! Underwater caves bring in light at a depth of around 15-18 meters. The accessibility of the divesite depends on currents and experience of the divers.

Pictures - diving on Fiji / Yasawa Islands