Yasawa Islands

Island hopping in Yasawa Islands

Are you looking for the ultimate escape from shopping malls, crowds of people, noise and traffic jams? Are you longing for islands, islands and even more islands? Then you've come to the right place.

The Yasawa Group of Islands in Fiji is the P-E-R-F-E-C-T getaway for anyone that want to explore and relax. And the good thing is that island hopping in the Yasawa Islands is paradise at an affordable price for both backpackers and flashpackers.

We promise you that your stay in the Yasawa Islands will be full of:

  • Hammocks
  • Amazing local food
  • Bounty beaches
  • Water that is so blue that you just wanna jump in from the boat
  • Cava (traditional Fijian drink)
  • Meke (traditional Fijian dance)
  • Loads of relaxation
  • Friendly locals that greet you with "bula!"
  • Campfire bbq's

If you're the adventurous type, the Yasawa Islands also offer:

Kayaking, diving, sailing, snorkelling, village visits, trekking.... and loads more!

.....And the best part is that island hopping in the Yasawa Islands allows you to experience different islands so that you can mix'n'match your adventures and experiences just the way you prefer.  

How can KILROY help me?

KILROY's travel consultants have visited the Yasawa Islands in Fiji and we will be more than happy to help you arrange your island hopping adventure. We answer all of your questions and give you secret insider tips on where, when and how. Contact us today with your questions about island hopping in Fiji.

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Explore Fiji in these videos and make sure you visit yourself

- you'd regret it if you didn't! Explore life!



Surfing or just relax on the surfboard? 

Fiji -houses

You'll see traditional houses all over the Yasawa Islands.

Fiji -singing

You'll receive the warmest welcome on the Yasawa Islands. 

Get your ass off the couch and visit Yasawa Islands
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