Solomon Islands

Beautiful, undiscovered nature awaits in Solomon Islands

Travel to Solomon Islands - for today's explorers!

Today's Captain Cook would certainly travel to the Solomon Islands, for this is where true adventures awaits. The island's dramatic nature deserves a great respect and you can get very close to active volcanoes, manatees, dolphins, turtles, shipwrecks and local 'chiefs'.

Most who travel to the Solomon Islands can kind of get the feeling that there the only tourists there. Solomon Islands is still one of the few developing countries in the Pacific Ocean, and tourism is without doubt one of the country’s very big development potential. So it's about to get going now, before the flashy resorts drown out the authentic local atmosphere. Even out here, in the distant Pacific, the world history gets a hold of you. During the Second World War, Solomon Islands was a Pacific military outpost. Here the U.S. and Japan fought from island to island on power over military bases in the Solomon Islands, and this has left it's mark on the islands. Although the Australian Pacific police are still present on the islands, here is now no danger. Instead, your biggest challenge will be probably be the island's unpredictable and limited infrastructure.

Gaudalcanal in Solomon Islands

The capital, Honiara, located on the island Gaudalcanal is not that thrilling, but don't be disappointed with your first impression of the Solomon Islands. You can use your time there to go diving and exploring the remains from WWII, which are scattered around the Gaudalcanal. The Gulf off the coast of Honiara is called the 'Iron Bottom Sound’ because it is practically a graveyard of rusting aircrafts and ship wrecks from USA and Japan

The absolute coolest dives are, however, found at the island Ghizo in Solomon's Western Province. Here you can dive on the Japanese transport Toa Maru ship and see it's cargo of gas masks, telephones, tanks, motorcycles and medicine lie scattered around the wreck. 

Travel to Solomon islands and meet the indigenous people of Malaita

Malaita is one Solomon islands undiscovered gems where very few tourists go. The island is beautiful, but it's meeting the locals that will stay in your memory. Here are few accommodation options, limited infrastructure and no tourist offers. But if you ask the locals they will gladly act as guides for a penny. Then you will meet also the entire family and suddenly you play football, go on fishing expeditions and chat with the local 'chief'.

Artifical islands of Langa Langa in Solomon Islands

Do not miss the artificial islands in Langa Langa and Lao Lagoons. The islands are built on coral reefs as mountains of stone and is a relic from the days when it was necessary for the people to defend themselves from cannibals and tribal wars in the country. The largest island is 1 km in diameter and rather over-populated.

It is said to be possible to visit the Kwao-people on Malaita, who live isolated in the mountains around Sinalangu. You would think that it's a lie of the twentieth century, but people still go around naked, hunting with spears, worship the spirits of their ancestors, and defend itself against any form of modern development with violence.

Go snorkelling with dolphins, manatees and barracudas

Your trip to Solomon Islands is not complete until you have visited the country's only nature reserve; Tetepare Island. Here is the original rainforest still preserved, and all the island's activities are eco-friendly. Underwater life is spectacular; you can go snorkelling not only with dolphins and barracuda-glittering shoals, but also with manatees!

Diving all day long in the Solomon Islands

In the Marovo Lagoon you'll find plenty of coconut palm trees, tropical forests and coral reefs. Here are numerous dive sites overflowing with caves, drop-offs, coral gardens and sharks.

A bold way to explore the many small palm islands in Marovo Lagoon is by kayak. You can arrange kayak trips on several days and also don't forget your hiking boots. Here are many great volcanoes to climb with impressive views over the beautiful lagoons.



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