There is a reason why Tahiti is known as a Paradise spot on earth

Tahiti and French Polynesia - wellness in the Pacific Ocean

Tahiti is the most famous island in French Polynesia. These islands have a long reputation for tempting tourists and travelers. And they are good at it! Infrastructure is good, you enjoy icy daquiri-drinks on the palm beaches, the happy people of the islands welcome you with big smiles and the beauty of the islands is unforgettable - especially Bora Bora! Oh, Bora Bora ...

If you do not have many weeks of vacation and want to experience the Pacific atmosphere in the shortest time, you should travel to Tahiti and neighboring islands in the archipelago of Society Islands, which are all a part of French Polynesia. It is highly recommended to arrange most of the trip from home, as things quickly become expensive if you have to organize, arrange and pay on the spot. Apart from Huahine, French Polynesia is unfortunately an expensive destination.

But there are fortunately tricks to experience this paradise without being ruined: Order the cheapest hostels, make your own food, take the bus or try to hitch hike around the islands and have a chat with the friendly locals on the road. Also make sure to bring your own snorkel equipment, because there is amazing marine life in all lagoons, and it's expensive to rent the gear - if at all possible.

Tahiti - surfing, drinks, flowers and lava beaches

Tahiti brings up associations for many people; girls with wreaths of flowers, palm beaches, festive dinners and paintings by Gauguin. You will not fine white sandy beaches here; they are instead of black lava. Here you can also explore the small towns located in hidden valleys between the lush volcanic rocks. Visit the Gauguin museum and also learn about his productive years in Tahiti at the end of the 1800s.

Surfing Tahiti

Tahiti is claiming to be "the birth place of surfing", and you can catch fantastic waves. It's a surfing heaven for both professionals and beginners. On Tahiti Iti, the smaller of the two islands of Tahiti, at Hava'e Pass you will find one of the largest, most dangerous and best waves in the world, Teahupoo, which is strictly reserved for professional surfers. Good place to check out some trick from the pros if you are a novice surfer dude.


The capital of French Polynesia is the city of Papeete, which lies in Tahiti. The city is expensive and unattractive unless you can afford some shopping, clubbing and perhaps a few gin & tonics on the foredeck of a yacht while you look like a millionaire - not a bad image there …

Huahine - backpackers paradise

If you're looking for a relaxing beach-bum-atmosphere in true backpacker style on the trip to French Polynesia, you'll love Huahine. The luxurious resorts have not yet filled up the island's beautiful sandy beaches, and therefore the mainstream tourists stay away. There is not much to do here, but here are great waves for surfing, stunning beaches and picturesque lagoons that attract backpackers and surfers. Huahine is really a little lazy, cheap and paradise-like retreat.

Raiatea - the only wreck dive of Society Islands

Ra'iatea is Society Islands' wild and untamed island, which is forgotten by most tourists. There are no real beaches, but a pretty raw nature and proud locals who live in respect for tradition. You can dive on the wreck. Inside the wreck there is an air pocket at 25 meters depth, where you can take off the mask and enjoy the smell!

Bora Bora - seductive luxury

Bora Bora is a good place to end your holiday in style: The island seduces you to stay a little bit too extravagant, shop a little bit too luxurious and dine a little bit too fine - and you will probably enjoy spending your money here at one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Bora Bora is an atoll surrounded by coral reefs and with small uninhabited bounty islands within the reef. Water within the reef is crystal clear and from the surface, you have unobstructed view to the rays and barracudas swimming many feet below you. If you want to go out and get rough, climb Mount Pahia in the middle of the island. It is a beautiful but tough trek that makes you proud when you finally enjoy the view from the top.

Maupiti - the unknown paradise

Maupiti is like a mini version of Bora Bora, the island as it was 40 years ago. There are no resorts, few restaurants and no ATM's. Maupiti is a paradise without the glaze, and it will for sure fulfill all your fantasies about the beaches of a deserted tropical island. Here you can live off coconuts from the perfect sandy beaches and harpooned exotic fish from the turquoise lagoons, where you snorkel in what seems like a natural aquarium. Maupiti is still an unknown paradise on earth, primarily due to its remoteness. That's your chance to fully enjoy this wonderful tropical paradise.

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