Milhouse Hostel

Milhouse Hostel Buenos Aires (Avenue)
From EUR 165


  • Best hostel location in BA
  • Within easy walking distance
  • Free WiFi, lockers and maps
  • Party hostel
  • New friends guaranteed


  • Airport transfer
  • 3 nights accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Add-on: Tango
  • Add-on: Spanish
Visit Buenos Aires at least once in your life! With our Arrival Package, you’ll stay at one of the most popular hostels. Get our standard package with transfer, accommodation and breakfast or add tango, Spanish, biking or walking.

Everyone should visit Argentina at least once in their life – and with our Arrival Package, you’ll get a taste of what this amazing country has to offer.

We’ll pick you up in the airport and transport you to one of two Milhouse Hostel locations in the city center of Buenos Aires. Here you’ll enjoy 3 night’s accommodation in either dorm - or private room, as well as breakfast.

For the more adventurous backpacker, you can choose between several add-ons such as Tango lessons, Spanish classes, bike – and walking tours.

Strategically located in the core of downtown Buenos Aires, close to public transport and in the backpacker hub of the city, both Milhouse hostels offer a great party atmosphere with lots of things to see and do.

Both Milhouse Hostels occupy stunning 19th-century houses modernized to fit your needsm, including fully equipped guest kitchens, a bar and restaurant as well as several common areas.

Choose between dorm-, single– and double room accommodation.

With comfortable beds, spotless rooms, free wi-fi access, and a full laundry service, it's a great place to recover too!!!

Spanish and volunteering

In partnership with Milhouse we also offer Spanish lessons and community volunteering in Buenos Aires.

Milhouse also operates a backpacker hostel in Cusco, Peru.


Milhouse Hostel Buenos Aires (Avenue) Dorm Room
Milhouse Avenue - dorm room

Milhouse Hostel Buenos Aires (Hipo) Private Room
Milhouse Hipo - private room



Milhouse Avenue and Milhouse Hipo are located 5 mins walk from each other