La Paz

At the Plaza Murillo in the heart of La Paz you often encounter locals in traditional dress.

Travel to La Paz - the highest capital on earth

In the thin air of La Paz lies a perfect city to explore. Walk the small alleys and visit the vibrant markets with indigenous women selling a range of handicrafts. It is also easy to do day trips and hikes from La Paz. With the surrounding Andres, the sceneries are breathtaking in the world’s highest capital!

The highest capital on earth, at 3600 meters, is located in the valley of the Chuquiago Marka, surrounded by the Andes. La Paz city was established in 1548. Just walking around in La Paz is an experience, because of the fresh thin air. Today, La Paz is a vibrant city and is growing all the time. Small alleys, plazas, restaurants, charming cafes and various museums make it a perfect place to hang out. In terms of nightlife, La Paz is not a particular party destination. However, you can join the locals at various Peñas, which are bars with traditional live music. During the day, many large street markets, such as the “Witch Doctor’s Market” or "Mercado de las Brujas", are worth seeing. In these markets, you’ll find traditionally-dressed Indian women selling herbs and handcrafts.

Destinations in and near La Paz

There are plenty of things to see in La Paz. For starters, the Cathedral is located next to the presidential palace in the Plaza Murillo. This impressive building, built in 1835, is worth a visit. Santo Domingo and San Francisco are also beautiful churches within the city. Next, check out the scenery from the El Alto village and the valley of La Paz to get different perspective on the city. The view from Valle de la Luna, which is located about 10 km from the city center, is also pleasure for your eyes.

From La Paz you can travel to Lake Titicaca and stop at the nice city of Copacabana. From there, you can book a day trip to Isla del Sol. It is said that the origins of the entire Inca culture came from here. The city of Soratan on the shores of Titicaca is also popular among backpackers.

If you want to relax, take a journey to Coroica, a Bolivian eden at 1500 meters above sea level. Coroica is a quiet and laidback village, so it's the perfect place to rest and take it easy.


If you are looking for a heavy dose of adrenaline, you can book a daytrip to do some biking. El Camino de la Muerte is a downhill road towards Coiroica village - it is 65 km long with an incredible 3500 meter altitude difference! The sceneries are breathtaking – if you dare to look.

Hiking trips are also available for booking from La Paz for one day or more. We suggest that you stop to explore the ruins of Tiwanuku, an ancient civilization. When booking your hiking trip, be sure to also look at the weather conditions and choose a responsible agency. This is especially important during the rainy season in January and February.

Travel tips

Sagarnaga Street in La Paz has many agencies that organize daytrips to other sites, near and and far. You can get to La Paz by various land roads, train, or air, depending on where you are coming from.

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