Ilha Grande

Travel to the beautiful island of Ilha Grande in Brazil

Travel to Ilha Grande - No stress

Being one of the biggest islands of Brazil, Ilha Grande is the perfect spot with idyllic beaches and beautiful sunsets. Combined with the possibilities to explore densely forested hills on the island’s inlands, your trip can’t be beaten!

Ilha Grande is one of the biggest islands in Brazil. This forest-covered paradise however has only a few small villages and boasts only a small number of inhabitants.  Be prepared to lock yourself away from the outer world while relaxing in your hammock on the beach, enjoying the nicest caipirinha ever tasted!

Relax on the most beautiful beaches in Brazil

Your boat arrives in Vila do Abraão, one of the few little towns on the island. Within a few hours you'll easily walk to hundreds of the most idyllic beaches in South America. Especially Lopes Mendes beach and Dois Rios beach are to recommend. 

Active life in Ilha Grande

Go walking in the heavily forested inlands of the island and hike to Ilha Grande's ceiling at almost 1000 meters: Bico do Papagaio. You can hire a kayak, surfboard or sail around and visit one of the 360 small islands nearby. Water freaks certainly have to go diving and snorkelling to explore the stunningly colourful wildlife in the water!

Around the area

If you are tired of relaxing on some of the best beaches in the world, the nearby surroundings of Ilha Grande are worth your while.  Climb the peaks of the Serra dos Órgãos or visit the city Petrópolis and check out its historical value and nice atmosphere. If you continue your journey towards Brazil's cultural point of gravity - São Paulo -, don't forget to drop by the elegant colonial town of Paraly, before you lose yourself in it's vibrant nightlife.

How to get to Ilha Grande

You get to the island by boat (about 1.5 hours). However, ferry services are limited. Make sure you catch one or arrange your stay overnight on the shore. Since Rio de Janeiro is only 150 kilometres away and good bus services are frequently run to the island, this happens to be the perfect place to spend some days away from busy city life. If you look around and it's not too busy, you probably could make a good bargain for your accommodation.

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